How to create an image classifier using Tensorflow

hey everyone its Davi. In this video
we’re gonna show how to create an image classifier using Tensorflow. Tensorflow is
an open source library maintained by google. To do it
we should already have docker installed. If you don’t have it, don’t worry. I recommend
that you look up for install instructions on docker web page and do it I. I Recommend
that you actually look at it the tutorial web page to get the details and
commands. You see that in the description of the video and now we need just run
this command to up a Docker container from a Docker Tensorflow image.
The V parameter indicates at two paths the first one is the path at the local
machine the tilde here’s is the user folder. The another path is a path into
the container. Don’t worry at the time we run this command the
local path dir, directory are created automatically and let’s run this command
and you see the result. If you see that that, it’s means that you are
into the docker container. Now we’re going to download all of kind of images
that we wanna classify to do that we’re going to use a google chrome plug-in
called fatkun batch download. The first kind of image that we want to
classify is Darth Vader images. To do that we need to look up for Darth Vader images
on the google image web page. And then click the Fatkun batch
download plug-in button to download all of the images. And then, repeat the same
step for the Yoda images when you finish that we have two folders. Yoda images
and Darth Vader images. And then, take the two folders and put into
another folder called star wars and take this folder and put it in the TF
files. And then, we gonna check if we can see the Star Wars folder into the Docker
conteniner You get it?! and now just to run another command to
create our trained model. The process takes a long time, When the process are
finished, the… are created automatically two files. The first one is bp file.
and another one is label file. To do that we’re gonna create another file
with this python code here to classify our image and then we’re gonna download Darth Vader
image and Yoda image and then run this another command line
to classify Darth Vader image and get this score. And then execute this
another command line to classify Yoda and get a score okay. If you liked it, feel
free to give it a thumb up and hit the subscribe button. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Hey Davi, good job dude. I have also checked you Medium post and it is very well done 😀 Please continue the good work! I wish you all the success with your new channel.

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