How to Create a Restore Point in Windows | HP Computers | HP

Help ensure your computer data by manually creating a restore point in Windows. First, save your work and then close all applications. Select the Start button. Type create a restore point and then select it from the results. Verify protection is enabled for the drive
or drives you want to protect, or select Configure to enable System Protection. Select Create. At the prompt, type a descriptive name for the restore point. Use something other than the date and time, as those are added automatically. Select Create to save the restore point on
your computer. With the restore point created successfully, select close. Restore points are saved until the set disk
usage has been reached, and then the oldest restore points are deleted first. Select Configure to manage disk space and manually delete restore points.

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  1. If only it damn well worked on my over priced HP computer but it does not. Microshaft just put out vague statements about them looking to make a fix but the damn thing never arrives.

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