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  1. how do you copy a movie from your computer to a dvd disc so it will play in a dvd player not just on your computer

  2. Hello there I realize this is from 2014 but I am trying to copy my dvd movies etc…
     videos onto my computer  so that i can watch it from my iPad or iPhone later on.  Does this really work or do i have to buy this then something else in order to copy it completely Thank you Cindy

  3. Do you know if this will allow me to convert my Purchased movies into a digital version, or would that not work?

  4. Does this apply to store-bought movies that you want to then edit (e.g., edit out the "R"-rated sections)?

  5. Hi, its all good but the video is fractionally ahead of the sound, ie doesn't sync 100% How do I correct this issue? Thanks, Gareth

  6. there is another way you can copy the film… and using this Method you only get the beginning and not the full Movie.

  7. I tried this on the trial version, but it doesn't work. It doesn't detect the main sections of a movie, just the opening and closing credits, and the extras. It would download those OK, but not the movie itself! So I won't be buying this.

  8. how about a dvd that is a copy of an old home video I shot 20 years ago…..will this work?

  9. I've dubbed a bunch of old home movie vcr tapes to a DVD. Now I want to copy the DVD to my computer and then make DVD copies off of that. Will your program do this and will the movies play on both another computer or TV?

  10. I have a problem… when i start the process, it goes really well, and plays well, but the duration of the video is only 5 mins when it's supposedly 2h movie, help! what to do? how to get the whole duration of the movie? please help, thanks!

  11. I might be barking up the wrong tree, but can this program also be used to copy across youtube videos? (though my main purpose is for putting my dvd's onto computer for portability)

  12. I downloaded a different software but when I inserted the DVD it says something about a Region Code or something like that. Is this illegal or what does the region code mean?

  13. Hey I have a question, i have the wind ripper and was wanting to save the dvds to where they open like a regular DVD. Like with the option to play or select scenes and stuff. Please and thank you for the help

  14. Thank you, Sir! You have just saved a video that was facing data drainage. This video has saved an old home video from a badly scratched DVD. It even plays like it should.

  15. I want to make an AMV of dragon ball. But youtube doesn't have any good clips.
    As I own all the seasons on disks, I understandably find it easier to use my own disks. But I can't figure out how to use them

  16. i watched your video. it was very informative. my question, does the winx copy to another dvd-r or rw? please advise, thank you

  17. Any Linux support? If not is there other solutions? I plan on getting full series' of tons of classic TV Shows soon. Like Hogans Heroes, M*A*S*H, Gilligans Island, Andy Grifith, etc. And put them on a large micro SD card to my android device. So I would like to see some suggestions you may have as I know it's a few years old but just looking for some help.

  18. After copying to my Windows PC in the MP4 format and subsequently plying both th original DVD and the WinX copy, there is substantial loss of quality in the WinX version.
    Is there a better format than MP4 without the loss of quality? Is AVI a better option?

  19. Sir I had directly copy CD in my laptop it was too much vibrating why. Is any thing wrong happen to my laptop please tell

  20. The free download worked for the download to Windows. It would not allow 'viewing' to see/check if I liked it until I purchased it. Your instructions, however, were spot on. So far it has been wonderfully easy following your instructions. Thank you.

  21. I have many years of family home movies on a DVD with no chapters. Will this program work to put the whole 2 hours workth of video's on the computer so I can edit them with windows movie maker?

  22. Will this program rip video that's on a DVD-R..? Also, can videos once ripped be put on a Flash Drive and played from that flash drive? thanks and nice video…..

  23. I just bought this earlier, because I loved the WinX Trans media manager soooooo much, then saw there was a discount for me because I bought winx trans, I just bought the whole suite of products! Thanks for the instruction though! I haven't tried to backup my DVD collection since that other popular one went up over $100 lol

  24. Does this make the movie useable on any device, per say if I put it on a portable drive, then attach it it via usb to tv to watch?
    Also, what is the size file that it places in a file for use?

  25. Hi Andy, I just download The WinXDVD Ripper, it works well on loading into my Window 10 file, but when I tried to upload my video to IMDBPro.com, Do not work, I notice my videos on Window is always play in Power Media Player. the only thing upload in my IMDBPro is the file format but not the video. can you help?

  26. Okay, it's 2019 and this video is still up, so what file do I copy and paste in Handbrake to allow it to rip DVDs in Windows 10?

  27. Hey Andy. this was a great help in copying my dvd's. however, how do i copy subtitles in a movie. eg. Bourne Identity has german at 10min 20sec, but i can't find a programe to just put subtitles at certain places.It will only do the whole movie. Any suggestions?

  28. Thank you for the instructions. Can I put the movies onto my onedrive account as well? Also, can I share them onto my VUDU or other streaming service so I can watch from my devices without using space on my phone memory? Or use a micro sdcard/flash drive and watch from there? Sorry! Just want to be sure before I purchase! Thank you!!

  29. Andy
    I like to transfer the dvd movie into computer and from there can I transfer them into usb 5 or 10 movies so if I travel I can watch them they are classic hard to find that is why I wish to put them on usb if downloaded can it be possible or use ITunes instead please verify thank you

  30. Man Thank You for this Program! It’s the best! I’ll be buying the full version soon! It’s very easy to use!

  31. Hey Andy it's not working for me on windows 10! Its only giving me 5 min on My DVD! How can I get the whole movie

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