How to Connect your Computer via HDMI with a TV o Monitor The Best Way Possible

The Best way to Connect your Computer via
HDMI With a TV or Monitor is to program it Not to mirror the Computer’s Screen but, to
Extend it Allowing the user to work with both devices Independently and at the same time Using therefore, both devices in their full
capabilities My name is Nicola Scanni With a degree in Multimedia and a passion
for Technology I have a tendency to pass along my knowledge In a very simple way In this step-by-step tutorial for Windows
users I will teach you first How to connect these devices and then How to program your computer to separate them In addition, I will explain how to switch
the monitor (Left or Right) Depending on your setup needs While easing your dragging experience Do not worry if it sounds complicated I can assure you …it is not I will explain it in a very simple way Therefore, even if you feel you are a beginner Or if you have very little knowledge It will be easy just like a walk in a Park The advanced users instead Can easily jump to step 3 by reading the description
below Ready? Let’s Go Step 1) Find the HDMI Female Entrance in both Your Computer and Your TV or Monitor And calculate the distance related to your
setup planning Go ahead and buy the HDMI Cable With the proper length you have just calculated Keep in mind that there are several types
of cables The one I am showing you has a Gold Plated
Plug This will guarantee you the best quality connection And it will never oxidize or rust This type of cable can also be adjusted for
an angular setting Other types of cables may bend too much And with time rip themselves apart However, their cost is almost the double respect
to the regular one Therefore, it will be up to you to choose The type that better fits your purpose Step 2) First, Insert the HDMI cable into your TV
or Monitor Than plug in the other end of the cable into
your Computer A double tone sound should play to make you
notice That your Computer has recognized the device Now, you can right click with your mouse On a free space of your Computer Screen And choose Screen resolution If you do not have a mouse with a right button Go to Start – (The Windows LOGO) – Control
Panel Appearance and Personalization – Display – Change
display settings The Windows program automatically Chooses the best display settings, including
screen resolution Refresh rate, and color, based on your monitor These settings differ depending on Whether you have an LCD or a CRT monitor Step 3) Go to Multiple Displays and Change the Default
Setting From Duplicate these Displays to Extend these
Displays This setting, will allow you To Play and Listen to your favorite Video By dragging it from the Computer to the TV
or Monitor And have at the same time, the Computer Screen
FREE To make your Google Search Or to use any other software for your convenience Depending on your Computer’s Video Card You may be able to change the Volume With the Remote Control of your TV or Monitor Step 4) Depending of your setup You may need to switch side for an easier
dragging solution In my case My TV is on my LEFT and my Computer is on
my RIGHT Therefore, it seems appropriate and spontaneous
for me To Drag items from Right to Left and not from
Left to Right As in the Default setting The solution is very simple Click (ONCE) and Drag the TV Screen’s Icon Over the Computer’s Icon and Click Apply The last thing I would like to mention Is the possibility to have your TV or Monitor
as the Main Display First Click (ONCE) on the Monitor’s Icon And Then Check Mark where it says Make this
my main display Click Apply and your TV or Monitor Will became your main display This is very useful if you have a Wireless
Mouse And you Need or just want to be able to move
around in your room In addition If you also need to be able to type in a web
address or anything else I suggest you to take a look of my Tutorial
at this Address Http:// Which is also, easily clickable in my Description
Below Finally, if you liked my Tutorial Do not forget to Subscribe to my Channel You will be then notified every time I Upload a new Tutorial online Here on YouTube If you have any question please leave a Comment I will answer them ASAP (As Soon As Possible) Thank You for Listening and Enjoy your new
HDMI Setting

94 thoughts on “How to Connect your Computer via HDMI with a TV o Monitor The Best Way Possible

  1. I had some troubles with the cable connect……but you have to be patient, i guess…thanks for the videos. Keep it up! 

  2. I would like to have my computer screen immediately on my tv screen so I don't have to drag the tablat (wich I want on my tv screen) to my tv screen anymore. How do I have to do this?

  3. Just got a new desktop, and need to install Windows, but when I put the hdmi cable into the pc and tv, and turn the PC on I get no signal

  4. I got a game pc and im connecting it with A hdmi to my tv but i dont have display. Soo can u help me? I dont have a laptop.

  5. I have a question, can you please help? I have only one PC display and PC itself it's desktop. Is it possible to connect this one display to desktop with HDMI cable? I plug this two with the HDMI cable and have empty desctop on the screen, I can see only background, but no folders etc. It's like I should have somewhere another display and this one like only extendend version. But I have in fact only one so I can't open on it any settings. When I turn back to vga, I see that I did open somethin on so called main screen. So I really confused is it even possible that HDMI connection shows my main display as VGA connection does?

  6. problem is when I connect hdmi to tv it wont let me use monitor and mouse to do step 3. TV becomes the only display and won't let me add multiple monitors. ???

  7. I built a new pc and decided to buy a TV monitor instead. I also installed a graphics card RX480 8GB. When I watch a video on the internet the video is not very clear compared to my old pc using a pc monitor. What could be the issue. It is connected to HDMI cable. Can you advice? TIA

  8. i connect my computer to a 65inch tv and the screen always gets cut off around the edges so if i wanted to close the webpage or whatever on the tv i cant actually see the "x" or any of the tabs at the tob of the web bar. any advise?

  9. Sir, What is the difference between HDMI input and HDMI-PC input on LG LM series smart 3d TV. My TV's HDMI-PC port damaged.I connect to other normal HDMI port. But clarity big difference in same 1080P full HD resolution. What is the reason?

  10. hey Nicola,
    Im trying to link up this hdmi to my computer but my screen on my computer keeps turning sideways… So the picture is sideways.. can you help?


    First try this: If you hold down the CTRL and the ALT key and hit the up arrow that will straighten your screen out. You can also try the left and right arrows if your screen is sideways and you can also hit the down arrow if you want to turn it upside down for some reason and that's it.

    DIDN'T WORK? = TRY This two methods can help resetting your TV/monitor:

    Method 1) :

    1- Turn on your TV/Monitor, and PC/Laptop and make the HDMI Connection.
    2- Select the right device source (exp. HDMI 1).
    3- Disconnect (possibly both at the same time) by unplugging your electricity cable from the socket to all devices (from ON to OFF) and wait 10 minutes.
    4- Reconnect la electricity and the HDMI Cable One at the time. The reset will caused a Hardware re-adaptation that should now recognize the HDMI connection.

    Method 2) :

    1- Make sure that all of your Devices are Turned off.
    2- Connect the HDMI Cable ONLY between TV and PC e memorize the source (exp. HDMI 1).
    3- TURN ON PC/Laptop.
    4- TURN ON TV.
    5- Try to Find and Select the Source with the Remote Controlof Your TV (exp. HDMI 1).
    6- Press and HOLD the FN (function button) usually found on the lower left of your PC's keyboard and press F5, F7 o F9.

  12. when I tried connecting my hdmi cable from tv to monitor my mouse became diabled and then the computer screen went off that page and kinda blanked out

  13. i have windows 10 when i click duplicate when its finish when i W+P it goes back to PC screen only. when i try to detect, didnt detect other display

  14. i attached my laptop to HDMI cable and i was watching movies suddenly the movie image spun ı checks 4 optıons

  15. i do all this steps i try to update my video card but its tell my your driver is updated i go to the resolution it's show my all the resolution of my tv but it's steel not working i hope that you can finde the solution of this

  16. I put hdmi cable but no any sound in my PC does it mean that my computer don't support that program??

  17. I have a problem, when i put the hdmi port in my BenQ Monitor it won't open and it will say no cable connected , but when i put the vga adapter it will open up Can u help me?

  18. hi thanks for he video but i can not conact my lap top becuase i have only one sceen show in my window window 1 dont have window 2 dont know why
    hope have any advice for me

  19. I have 2 hdmi ports on the back of my computer tower. I have one hdmi connected from the computer to my TV (also used as a monitor, and on the other hdmi port I have that one connected to my 2nd monitor (Curved Samsung monitor) but when I have both hdmi's connected I can only send signal to one tv and not both, why? I also have an HDMI switch but im not sure how to utilize it so they both work. My end goal is to extend both monitors while using the hdmi switch to go from my computer to my ps4 simultaneously. Can this be achieved?

    EDIT: Before my bought my new monitor I was using a smaller monitor that had an hdmi switch and the vga cable so instead of plugging in both hdmi's I used 1 hdmi and the vga cable to use both monitors but now this new monitor only has 1 hdmi and no vga so thats why im having an issue if that helps.

  20. QUESTION: I bought a new gaming PC and a HDMI monitor. The PC had HDMI ports in the back of it, should i just plug the HDMI cord in the back of the PC, or the graphics card?

  21. Roger Burchill1 hour ago (edited)having trouble with PC going blank when I plug my HDMI cord into TV. I want to work with both PC and TV at same time. I finally got the sound to work but I had to work with a wireless mouse to do that. Maybe I have to get a drive updated but also tried that and still nothing. Please help. PS, it's not a laptop. Also having trouble getting full screen on 42" TV. I think i have tried everthing but the right one I guess. I go into systems and it doesn't show any monitor at all. It just shows display, night light off scale and layout, change the size, resolution, orientation, Multiple displays, which doesn't work. I hit detect and didn't detect another display pops up. Please get back to me thanks.Read more Show less

  22. So, this doesn't work with two laptops? I plugged the HDMI to both and neither PC detects the other. ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

  23. help me please I have pc resolution graphic card 1024×768 incompatible pictur to lg smart tv 42 inch via hdmi cable …what should I do?

  24. I connected my HDMI cable from my computer to my monitor, and I get no signal. I’ve tried your methods but my computer won’t even turn on it just scans for HDMI and gets nothing. Any advice?

  25. i have no multiple display options lol.. gtx 1050TI and HDMI connected to THOMSON TV, used to work, dosent now 🙂 cant find the TV in devicemanager

  26. Hello, I connect my laptop to my hd tv with hdmi cable. But my pc ( No monitor ) does not get detected by the tv. The computer ports are all fine have checked it with monitor via hdmi. Please help

  27. good day, I have connected my Toshiba satellite pro r50-c-197 laptop to my lg tv via hdmi cable it worked fine for a while but is now picking up as an audio device on my laptop and displays no signal on my tv…I have restored the original settings on my laptop and there is still no signal….CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME WITH A SOLUTION??? THANKS

  28. can i unplug the laptop monitor and just plug the hdmi in ? would that work? i dont wanna unplug the monitor wires cause they look very fragile but i also am not using the screen, its touch screen and broken and i wanna have just the motherboard with keyboard and keypad on it so i can one day take it apart and make a case for it

  29. So I built a new pc which starts up and everything works fine. However, I plugged in an hdmi cable from monitor to pc and the screen only shows that it’s switching from analog and hdmi. I don’t know what’s going on, advice would be great.

  30. my windows 10, bless its heart, automatically recognized and accurately configured my pctv setup the second i plugged in my hdmi cable. everything this video showed how to do was automatically done.

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