How to Build the ULTIMATE SMALL Gaming PC 2017

Hey how’s it going youtube Welcome to my channel andydjango This is my first ever video so it start things off I’m going to build a £1400 mini-itx gaming pc That is powerful, efficient, simple and good looking This is the Raijintek Metis Plus aluminium mini ITX case with side panel window in white One of the reasons why I chose this case Is because it has very minimalistic design to it On the downside however, it’s very compact inside In the top left we have the hard drive mount and some USB cables which I will be removing to fit in the graphics card. In the top right there is a vent which I will be using for an intake fan And in the bottom-right, the existing fan will be replaced with a higher-quality fan This is the MSI’s Z270i gaming pro carbon itx motherboard For the cpu i went with the i7 7700 k Here, I’ve gone for 16 gigabytes of Corsair vengeance LPX DDR4 3000 mhz ram This is the noctua nhu-12s cpu cooler For this particular build is best fits all the components onto the motherboard before going to the case for easy access I have removed all the outer panels leaving only the front, back and motherboard panel in place for the extra case fans I’ve gone with the noctua NF-F12 PWM computer case fans so I have removed the stock fan that came with the case and replaced it with the noctua fan so from left to right is the direction of airflow with the exhaust being at the back of the computer the graphics card is a zotac geforce gtx 1070 founders edition 8 gigabytes i went for a b blower card mainly because the pc case is quite compact so directing hot air out the back of the pc will help keep temperatures down within the case as you can see the graphics card is pretty much the size of the case itself which is a good way to tell you how small this case is the graphics card is only millimeters away from touching the front panel now i’ve re-attached the top panel you can see there is also another fan attached to it which is an intake this This is the samsung 850 evo 500 gigabyte and the power supply is a corsair SF600 This is the silverstone ATX PSU mount One issue I had with the PSU silverstone mount was, there were no holes for the cable to go through so what I did here was take a pair of pliers and bent away the grill to fit the cable in doesn’t look pretty but it’s well hidden so you what be able to see it anyway To your right you can see the Samsung ssd mounted to the bottom of the panel it also has room for another SSD as well Cabling in this case can be tricky especially if you have big hands you may need a pair of pliers just to help you with some of the small cables that go into the motherboard Before i put the case together i did a little test to see it all of the components were running OK And thats the screen you would want to see Now that i know the computer works all I have to do next is tidy the cables And now we’re good to go *Music playing* *Music fades out* So that’s the Tiny Monster PC for you I hope you guys enjoyed the video Overall I’m very happy with this build as it’s mostly what I want from gaming pc Small, powerful, quiet, efficient and easy on the eyes (says in a creepy voice) excluding part of the video where the lights would strobe you to death In my next video I will be doing a few benchmarks and game test so you guys can get a good idea of what temperatures and frame rates expect for build this compact. So be sure to subscribe for more videos Like this video if you liked it Share it with someone who would enjoy it and leave a comment below if you would like to say anything about the video or have any questions and future requests for the next video If you like to build this pc or wish to buy any of the components from this build you can click on the links below in the video description there you’ll find the entire parts for this build so thanks for watching guys I’m andydjango and i’ll see you in the next video

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