How to build a Gaming PC $700 2014 (less than $650 as of 2015)

Hey guys, in this video I am going to show
a list of parts that you will need to build a gaming computer for a little bit under seven
hundred dollars. First up we have a cooler master elite 431
plus ATX mid tower case this case includes a side window that a lot of people really enjoy and
can be found for about 55 dollars. Next we have a seagate barracuda 1TB hard
drive that can be found for 65 dollars. This item is an asus dvd burner that only
costs 20 dollars The motherboard is a GIGABYTE GA-970A-DS3P
full size atx motherboard it supports the am3+ socket and can be bought for around 80
dollars Here, we have the Raidmax 530 watt modular
power supply this item can be found for around 40 dollars For the ram I picked out a G.skill ripjaws
x series 2 four GB sticks it comes to a total of 85 dollars The processor is and amd fx-6300 vishera 6
core, it is 120 dollars and it is a fantastic processor for the price. and for the star of the show Power Color PCS+
R9 270X graphics card, powerful enough to easily out match the next generation consoles.
this card can be found for about 210 dollars. That comes to a total of 675 dollars, thank
you for watching I hope you enjoyed the video feel free to like comment and Subscribe.

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