75 thoughts on “How to Backup Photo and Video Files with a Synology NAS

  1. QOTD ⚡How do you backup your photo and video files? Let me know! 👇 * Check out tips about video editing computers, workflow and backing up your data in this video series ➡️ http://bit.ly/ThinkVideoEditing

  2. How do you do premiere episodes? i just saw it live! what are the benefits?

    I feel this is a really huge addition


  3. Just wonderful … as always. I have watched a video about it before .. but it wasn't as simplified and extended as this introduction.

  4. I've been storing my video files on a per project basis. That works well except I don't know where to put videos not associated with a project. A lot of YouTubers with a photography background use Adobe Lightroom to import their video files into a date-based directory structure (i.e., year -> month -> day) and assigning tags for search. Is that a practical way to manage video files on a NAS?

  5. It sucks to lose data, great vid. On the bright side..I hit my year end Subscriber Goal…..Thank you☃️

  6. I backup to a server that has mirrored (RAID 1) drives. That drive is backed up to 2 USB drives and also to Crash Plan (from Code 42) in the cloud. Drives go bad, which is why I use mirrored sets and multiple backup locations. I haven't lost any data despite those failed drives. The Code 42 unlimited cloud storage is very reasonably priced. It's important to note that if all your backups are in the same building, you are at risk of losing everything if you have a fire, flood, tornado, hurricane, etc. Also, I recommend replacing your drives before they go bad.

  7. Remember one NAS isn’t a backup solution it is great for availability but always follow the 3-2-1 rule when creating a backup solution.

  8. Hey, great video. I use a DS918+ (4x4TB) right now. before I used the DS216j, use this one still now as a backup NAS for my new one. I use the Synology NAS for all my Images and as well to back up my iPhone Images directly to the Synology Photostation!
    Have a great day and all the best.
    regards Mathias

  9. You have found the "best in this market" when it comes to SYNOLOGY! As a consultant, I've been using and marketing this brand for years. So here's a shout out and warm welcome to the Synology worldwide community. Wow, you settled in Seagate drives as well (me too) – Good job folks!

    Rick R
    Houston/San Francisco

  10. Right now I'm just a hobbyist on YouTube with only a few subscribers. Most everything right now is on my phone which does automatically back up to the cloud but it's an android and my internet can actually be "iffy" at times so most of what I try to back up doesn't actually get backed up. I am looking at how to transfer files to my old laptop though so that I can back them up there and possibly onto flash drives or discs if need be. That NAS is nice though!

  11. Off topic – can I just say how nice it is to see a tech guy without visible tattoos?
    Thanks a lot for the video, Sean. I might consider this in the future.

  12. Just got the 918 and I'm impressed. I'm still trying to learn things myself. but feeling better with a lot of my photography backed up compared to sitting on random external hard drives.

  13. I have the old 1512 with a dx510 expansion box. Not super fast but does the job. I have even replaced a few drives. Waaaaaayyyyyy better than the Drobo solution!!

  14. I tried to make a great youtube channel, i tried my hardest for 4 years but some people just end up with a dead chnnel….should i quit.

  15. Thanks Sean, I use the WD pr2100 for the simple interface, plus it has internal transcoding to play media on any device. I found the Synology was a little too complex for what I needed. Keep up the good work.

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  17. You are the best sean. Your videos motivates me a lot. Thank U💗

    I have one question for you. Can you do a video on how to make a website and design it?

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  20. Synology NAS units have been great for us for the past four years of almost constant use. Please note: If you have "lifetime" video (family, your children, things you want to keep forever), put it on archival optical discs and pay attention to changing video formats as the years go by. May have to reincode.

    If you do not transfer keepers to optical, you will lose them eventually. Spinning discs and even SSDs are not forever.

  21. Hi Sean, I've been watching your videos (both here and on Video Influencers) and have taken your advice over the past few months, posting weekly videos. Today, I reached 1,000 subscribers and it feels awesome. Thanks for your great advice and insight!

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  23. This is off topic to this current video, but I have a question: how can I mount a shotgun mic to my camcorder? I use a Canon VIXIA HF R800. It doesn't have a piece on the top for mounting a mic and the built-in mic sounds pretty poor. If you could reply to this I would really appreciate it!

  24. Would you be able to show how you set up your media files on the NAS? Do you put everything into Photos? I can’t seem to find any “how to “ actually use the NAS day to day

  25. I've been using a NAS device for backups at home for many years including my current Synology DS414. Works great for automating regular backups of all of my home computers.

  26. I will have to consider this in the future once I get my channel workflow higher. For now I just use Seagate 4tb file.. but this is for more professional higher end youtubers who can afford it. Not for someone who just started out and has no workflow.

  27. Why did you choose a 6 bay? Could someone explain how many drives one should have? For example, I currently have about 5TB of data. Should I get 2 x 6TB drives, 3 x 2TB, etc…Confusing…

  28. Q: Are you editing the footage (sources) from the NAS or storing raw video there then ragging to your internal HD and then editing?

  29. I don't really do videos but work more with music. I currently have the WD 4 drive NAS server but I'm thinking about going with the Synology NAS. I feel its future proof than the WD EX4

  30. looks the part…..sounds good…..after something large in quality and storage to hold and play my bluray and 4k vids to a smart tv etc…..guess this is the baby!.
    Only one prob?…..The "price"……best start saving then!!! …might have one by Xmas.

  31. Sounds like a great product but product reviewers say that tech support totally sucks especially after the warranty period expires. I’m not very tech savvy and I have to depend on the tech support of the company and no one gives it like Apple does to their customers. My Mac is a 2011 model and to this day they have helped me out of every jam I’ve been in. I would be scared to have to depend on Synology to keep me up and running with a device that houses my entire library.

  32. if you know what is a NAS and/or you own one from Synology skip directly to 8:00 minutes… / scratch that / there is NO SPECIFIC explanation on HOW. This is a video on WHAT NAS can deal with photos. So if you watch this to LEARN how to actually do it… well you waste your time. Not here.

  33. You didn't actually explain how to back things up to the drive which is what I wanted to know.. a complete waste of my time watching you telling us how good it is but not showing us how to use it !!!

  34. Back up all my computers, phones and store all my video files on Google drive..I have 1 Gbps speed so it’s practical to pay $10 a month for unlimited storage with Google..

  35. What was so hard about addressing the topic/title of this video I don't think you once addressed it… I'll be honest, after 5 minutes of wasted time I started to jump ahead… either way, pretty sure the topic was never covered.

  36. How to Backup Photo and Video Files with a Synology NAS,,,,, this was the topic and video is kind of just advertisement , where is HOW TO ?

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