How to Assemble the Respawn 3000 Gaming Computer Desk

This is the assembly video for the RSP-3000 Gaming Computer Desk from Respawn Products. These are the parts needed to
assemble your desk. Start by laying the base upside down on a non scratch level surface. Screw in the four adjustable glides into the feet. Next attach the
base to the legs paying close attention to the position of the pneumatic chord
assembly. Use six bolts and washers attached to the support frame to the top
of the legs. Notches have been cut out on the frame to receive the cord assembly,
make sure they face upward and are oriented as they’re shown here. Use eight
bolts to secure the frame to the legs. Gently lay the pneumatic height
adjustment lever into the notch and leave for later. Layout the parts for the
monitor stand and secure the right and left leg brackets to the crossbeam and
secure to the shelf corners. Attach the crossbeam part of the leg assembly to
under the shelf. Attach the monitor stand to the desktop by inserting four screws
from underneath the desk top. Gently set the desktop onto the frame leg assembly
line up the threaded holes under the desk top with the frame and secured using
four bolts. Use three bolts to secure the height adjustment lever to the desk. Attach the right and left colored accessory bars to the appropriate
location is using two bolts each. Snap the edge of trim pieces into place and
secure from underneath the desk top Insert two bolts from underneath the
desk top to attach the speaker stands. Now assemble the cup holder by attaching
the under bracket with nuts and bolts. You may find a wrench or pliers helpful
to secure the nut. Attach the cup holder to either side of the desk you prefer. You have now completed the assembly for your new RSP-3000. Live to play another

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