How to access Web Grants 4 Students on a Personal Computer (PC)

The California Student Aid Commission welcomes you to a quick walk through on how to access your web grants for students account on a PC for Pcs or personal computers. You must be using a laptop or a desktop computer Because no other devices will work on a PC you will also have to use the Internet Explorer browser, which is the blue e icon with a halo around it if The icon that you’re seeing does not have a halo around it It is not Internet Explorer. If you do not see the Internet Explorer icon Then open your search bar and type in Internet Explorer. It should pop right up After you open the browser go to Scroll down and either create an account or if you already have one simply sign in If you completed a California Dream Act application Please remember to create an account using your DREAM Act ID number if for whatever reason you are still experiencing issues signing into your account Give us a call at 1-888-224-7268

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