How do I record games on my low end computers / Tips for using ElGato under the minimum requirements

Hello, this is Alex, the LowSpecGamer and
we’re gonna talk about a topic that I’ve received a lot of questions about. What is the setup I use to record gameplay? When it comes to recording games for pc, the
primary option is using software. Paid options like Fraps or included options
like the Windows 10 recorder or Nvidia shadowplay Now, here’s the thing. Recording using software uses the resources
that your computer has, so if your computer is already bottlenecked playing a game, recording
is only going to make it worse. For example, here’s a benchmark that I ran
of Just Cause 2 with everything on the lowest and the lowest resolution possible, and this
is the result I get normally and this is the that I get while recording using Fraps. And that’s an older game, newer games will
do worse. So, if you want to record with no impact on
your gameplay, you’ll have to use a capture card. Like these ones. These are the ones that I personally use,
this is an ElGato- oops, this one’s backwards. These are the ones that I personally use,
this is an ElGato Game Capture HD and this is ElGato HD 60. So a way of seeing these recording cards is
as something that allows you to split the tasks. So, while one computer is busy playing, another
computer can be used to record and that way the game is not affected. All you need to do is to connect the card
via HDMI between a computer and an external monitor. If you don’t have a monitor, you can simply
choose to duplicate your display. Now, the recording computer does not need
to be particularly strong, in fact, I’ve used this very tablet computer that you see
right here to record games in many instances without problem, I’ve even done experimentation
with weaker computers with a good level of success. However, if you’re going to record gameplay
in a backup computer that’s is even weaker than the one you’re using to game, then
there are some considerations you might want to take while using the software that comes
with these cards. So this is the capture software that comes
with the capture card. It’s a neat thing that very smoothly allows
you to manage everything you are recording. However, if you are running this software
in an older or slower computer there are some features you should consider disabling to
prevent losing footage or crashing from your computer being overwhelmed. There first thing I recommend is disabling
the recording preview unless you absolutely need it. Just make sure the software is recording the
correcting things first. Then in the software settings make sure you
have Enable Flashback recording disabled. This is a feature that makes the capture card
constantly record the latest minute or so of gameplay in case something cool happened
and you want to recover, but in my experience it can overwhelm the computer and corrupt
your footage. You can then directly change the settings
of the capture card itself. The input device you select dictates the video
profiles you can then choose. I use the Xbox one profiles since they have
worked very well for me. Don’t worry, they will still work if it is recording
a PC. What is important is that you choose a profile
according to the source of you video or lower for better performance, do not be afraid to
use standard resolution if it comes to getting a better performance, and also do consider
disabling the 60 FPS option if you are using a higher resolution. Your viewers will not notice a difference
if the game never goes over the 30 FPS. Oh wait, I forgot something really important. In the options screen for the software there
is tab that controls the export process. Make sure to disable the option to convert
videos automatically to MP4, as this will start exporting your videos to an external
file as soon as you hit stop. So if you are recording lots of small clips
your computer will be forced to do everything at once. You can then manually export videos with the
option down here while you are NOT recording in order to guarantee your computer is only
doing one thing at a time. As far as the card goes, this is the entry
level of game capture HD. This one over here, the HD 60 is more advanced
as far I’ve been able to test, the main difference is that this one allows you to
record with a little bit more quality and using 60 fps. Woah! Alex from the future, here. While editing this video I realized that I
neglected to mention an important point regarding the differences. The newer captures HD 60 may record in 60
FPS but it only has an HDMI input. While the entry level capture HD has this
unusual port, where you can connect an adapter to record S-video or a composite for a Nintendo
64 or another old console. If you want to record video from an old console,
this is the card that you need to use. Also, if you’re recording from a PS3, it uses some sort of arcane DRM on its HDMI signal, and the entry level Capture HD has
an adapter for recording PS3 gameplay, so you need to use this one. Back to the video. And that it seems to be a little more resistant
to changing resolutions, one thing that I have discovered while using this card for
example, is that if you change resolutions while playing, or if you’re playing full
screen in a lower resolution, then switch back to your desktop, there’s a high probability
that your footage will be corrupted. So try to minimize that. This one doesn’t seem to have that much
of a problem. Oh boy, I’m gonna roll with these corrections. Actually, it has been pointed out to me that
this problem may also link to the computer doing the recording, if you’re using a slow
CPU in the recording computer, there’s a higher chance of corrupting the footage when
the resolution changes, so if you’re under the minimum requirements for the capture software,
apart from all the previous recommendations, I’d also recommend to not change your resolution
or exit full screen game while recording. Of course, these two are not the only models
that exist, in the description you’re going to find a card selector that you can use to
look at all the cards that ElGato has so that way you can check which one works better for
you. And if you’re interested in more information
there’s also a link in the description to their website where you can check all the
details or you can leave me a question in the comments and I’ll try to answer as best
as I can based to my experience. Keep in mind if you don’t have an extra
computer under any circumstances, there are cards out there that have internal hard drives. I have never used one of them myself, so I
have no experience to share whatsoever, but I do know they exist. Ok, that is all, if this video seemed interesting
to you I might make a second one talking about how I record audio or all the aspects of the
behind the scenes of this channel. Thank you very much to ElGato for actually
sending me this one I- no joke, when I started this channel and I was in a really- I still
am in a really low budget, the only thing I spent money on was on this card because
I knew I was going to need this. So, when I told ElGato that people were asking
questions, that I was planning to do this video anyway, they actually sent me this one,
which is why you have noticed that many of the latest videos are in 60 FPS and you can
notice the changes in frame rate more dramatically. So huge thanks to them for being so cool to
actually do that. I feel honored. So guys, leave your questions and comments
and I will try to answer them as best as I can See ya See ya.

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