HOT NEWS !!! Acer Aspire S24 All-In-one PC Launched ; Price And Specifications

acer has launched an all-in-one desktop
called aspire s24 it’s slimmest ever featuring a side profile of only just
0.23 5 inches over the last few years manufacturers have been launching
thinner laptops but it is rare to hear about how slim a desktop computer is
however Acer has launched the new PC that is not only slim but also comes
with minimal bezels and 90% screen to body ratio the aspire s 24 comes with a
key wireless charger letting you charge compatible devices and a free 30-day
trial of Microsoft Office the desktop is expected to take on Apple’s iMac priced
at $899 in the US the PC sports a 23 point 8 inch full HD 1920 X 1080 pixels
display inside the aspire s 24 there is an Intel Core i5 dash 8250 u processor
12 gigabytes of RAM and one terabyte of storage it also has an integrated Intel
at graphic 620 the company says that the desktop comes with the Intel dual band
wireless AC 802.11 act 2 X 2 M IMO technology connectivity options include
Bluetooth 4.2 Wi-Fi 802.11 AK and Gigabit LAN other connectivity options
include a USB type-c port 3 USB type-a ports and a USB 2.0 port the PC comes
with a wireless keyboard and mouse as well the device sports a blackened matte
gold color scheme the aspire s 24 runs Windows 10 home and
has two 2w 2.1 channel speakers with a subwoofer design with acer true harmony
and Dolby audio premium coming to the wireless charger the system has a base
that supports wireless charging for key enabled devices it allows users to power
their mobile device by simply laying it on the charging area the aspire s 24
available on a sirs website in the US and is upgradable to a 32 gigabytes ram
model you

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