[Hindi] Sanskrit – Best Language For Computers ? | Explained in Detail

Hello, How are you? So, Today’s Topic gonna be a bit different As you know, I make different Kind of videos in between… ..which are different from our daily topics, but related to Technology… …but we talk in much depth about it. As a talk show discussion And, you need to watch these videos with complete interest, when you have a lot of free time to do so. So, today’s topic is… “Is ‘Sanskrit’ Language is the best language for the Computer Programming?” We all had been listening…, I had also told in fact related videos That, “Yeah, ‘Sanskrit’ is a suitable language” for Artificial Intelligence, for Computer Programming… Machine Training and all that stuff So, how much truth is in there? If is then Why? Ask the reason, you need to know …and if not, then why not? What reason happened behind this Before that, I need to tell you about “Sanskrit” Surely, You’ve studied ‘Sanskrit’ in 6th, 7th and 8th class, which are three main classes In school “Kendriya Vidyalaya”, from where I studied, ‘Sanskrit’ wa a compulsory subject in all these three classes, you had to read them The Question Paper that was come to us, we had solved it hardly… There, we had to answer just by understanding a given Image. And our teacher had already told us “Just write the first sentence.. ‘Edam Chitram Shobhanam Aasti’ ..then you will be awarded with 2 marks”. That’s how we cracked the marks. you might also had the same in Sanskrit Then, in 9th, 10th you can choose your own option.. instead of Hindi, Web Technology or IP, you can select Sanskrit In our Indian System these are the only subjects Now Sanskrit.. ..is a language A traditional language Let me tell you Indian Civilization is the oldest civilization, is a traditional civilization And its Literature, all which are thousands of years old… ..in all over world, we have the oldest civilization And It’s old enough, a lot years old And our language is thousand years old In them we got literature and knowledge Vedas, Quran. You got them all in Sanskrit Language So the Language ‘Sanskrit’ is mother of lot of Languages means words of all other languages Even in English, there are such words If you would make a Google search then you will found them Which are derived from Sanskrit So, Sanskrit is mother of all these languages Right? Ah..So that’s why we can call it a ‘Natural Language’ Now, all that saying… that Sanskrit is best language for Computer Programming ..from where it all that started For this, I’ve to make you remember 1985, NASA Rick Briggs,a Scientist During the first step of Artificial Intelligence… that we could talk to computers That time it was only like imagination not like reality But now its a reality For simple example, Siri, Cortana, Facebook’s AI which they have shut down In those years, this was not developed so So the challenge there was… that we can made a computer to understand our natural language…means we can interact with computers in our own language in which we talk Because, in that time, there was only one way to interact with computers which was computer’s Programming language C++, Java or any computer programming language or LISP for those who don’t know, it used in Artificial Intelligence to use them Then, an ordinary person cannot talk like Hello Computer;Hello Computer; Python Scrip if or Array; A human cannot talk like this Human will be like “Hello Computer, How are you?” That’s how human will be, Right? That was the challenge to make computer interacting not only with Coding but also with human language to interact As you know, Sanskrit is the mother of most of the languages and Sanskrit is oldest language There was a Rishi named Panini What just he did!. ..he developed the most of the Grammar of Sanskrit, he write much stuff about it We get much information in old literature It’s grammar is made in a very systematic way It’s made in such a way that, it’s easy for a computer to understand a natural language But… but… but there’s one other thing comes in front of us… that the natural language works in Artificial Intelligence… and works in Artificial Language which are your modern languages like English That’s why he believed, that Sanskrit could be best language for Programming a Computer If that was so… then, why people are not learning Sanskrit instead of C++, java? Just think’bout it Then real problem was… that sharing thoughts and coding with Sanskrit language was IMPOSSIBLE Not Saying “Impossible” because nothing is impossible in this world it was HARD Sanskrit was just used only to train computers That yeah, that’s going well When you learn something.. you learn from a primary source not a secondary. Let me give you an example There is a reality, let’s suppose “Taj Mahal” color turned to red in just a night Or any incident happened in Taj Mahal If any incident happens anywhere, anytime.. then one friend will tell other that.. “do you know shit happened in Taj Mahal, 3 bricks from building fall down” just for exaple 3 bricks fall down then second friend will tell third one “do you know 5 bricks fall down” 6 fall down… 7 fall down.. Then such spread humor comes which doesn’t have a real point then it mixes with real ones. Right? But, if someone try to find reality.. and search at the same place where all this shit happened. Primary That what exactly happened, then he will found the reality If we used the same language……which changes from generation to generation Then it will be impossible to find a language.. with logical grammar Then, why don’t we use that language which is made first, which is oldest one.. which has the logic No Doubt! Sanskrit is a great language it contain such treasures of knowledge which Today’s technology cannot think about and you cannot even imagine it that much knowledge is contained by… all our Vedas This is it. Sanskrit was not used because it was not good for data transmission It was only good to train computer on that time not now! that time.. Now even English….. You know, Google… Google Now is here.. Siri is here who even understand our normal language Slowly these days, machines are trained to understand our normal language And it is very useful in Artificial Intelligence So there is no truth that Sanskrit is not a best language for programming Not for Coding but was… to train machine in 1985 now today Today, this is not a logical reason But this doesn’t mean Sanskrit is low class language Sanskrit contains hidden treasure of knowledge Did you understand? So now you know all your doubts might be clear now that Why Sanskrit is been called so? Rick Briggs pushed some of his written information documents After that all it hyped in media till then we are listening it all But reality is a bit different which I have told you I hope, you find knowledgeable in it about Sanskrit, about Computer Programming Some people might be reacting like Huh?.. “What’s the relation between Sanskrit and Programming language man?” There is a relation What could be in future Let’s talk about it It could be that…… there are less than 14,000 peoples in India who speak Sanskrit This language doesn’t speak usually That’s why in Computer there is… no use of it But if you want to read Vedas, Quran and want to read our history then you need to learn Sanskrit Language You liked this video, I hope so I will met you in next video Thank You so much… and… Goodbye

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  1. nasa india ka nahi hii india kya kar raha hii, sanskrit ka gramer Acha hii, to esy bhi nasa valy hii batayngy kya.baki desho ny dunya ko kitna diya ya bat kyo nahi samagh ayte. bas chans py dance.

  2. धन्यवादः। भवतः चलचित्राणि(Videos) अति-उत्तमानि भवन्ति। 👌
    लेकिन संस्कृत बोलने वालों की संख्या अब बहुत बढ़ चुकी है।(5 लाख*)
    इसके साथ ही भारत से ज्यादा विदेश में ज्यादा Value है अब इसकी।

  3. Christopher Nolan used Sanskrit as programming language in the laptop with which Cooper was trying to hack Indian Airforce Drone in the movie. Play that video in ultra slow-motion and you will see that.

  4. Correction: Sanskrit is the oldest (existing) language not the oldest. The oldest language was the language used in Indus valley civilisation or Egyptian civilisation. It's not sure as both civilisations are among the oldest but not sure which one is older.

  5. But English as a natural language would need thousands of quirks for computer to figure out. But in Sanskrit just supplying grammatical rules and maybe few quirks if present would be sufficient ? Sanskrit can be used as a meta language just like in networking you have layer1 protocol for machine language, layer 2 could be Sanskrit, and layer 3 could be English, Hindi, Spanish and other languages ? Translate English to Sanskrit, and then Sanskrit to machine language..

  6. Tum तो मुझे Murkh lagate ho bhai
    Tumhe pata hai
    Nasa 6th 7th generation का computer संस्कृति laungwge के आधार पर बना रहा है
    वहां पर बच्चों को संस्कृति सिखाया जा रहा है

  7. कम से कम संस्कृत शब्द को तो थंबनेल में देवनागरी लिपि में लिख लेते। बड़ा गर्व होता , खैर जो भी है अच्छा है।

  8. Sanskrit is use because of in English one word had many meaning so computers not define and in sanskrit has one word only one meaning

  9. बुहु सम्यक् कथितवान्👌

  10. bro your are totally wrong with your knowledge, you need to work over this topic. Sanskrit is the best language for both coding and NLP or ML or AI, and NASA is actually working on 6th and 7th generation computers which are totally coded in Sanskrit.

  11. Bhai sap kha rhte ho¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¡¡¿¿¿¿¿¿¿

  12. All those haters who say Sanskrit is useless!! ' see interstellar movie. They use Sanskrit for coding… Proud of Indian culture.

  13. Sahi vhai… ek bhartiya honeke nate ye sunke to bohot hi accha lagraha hai… tnx sagar vaiya ye information deneke liye

  14. Your KV story sounds like my same story I am having in my Class 8th. I am glad to know that I will drop it in my 9th class. No offense!

  15. Main to kahta hoon ki Sanskrit ko subjects mein Compersery kar dena jaroor karna chahiye tab ki hum hamari
    Sabyata ko bhool naa jaye 🙏🙏

  16. Bhai app galat bata raho ho hamra dharm or vad 1960853119 sal purana hai.or ak baat purano ma kuch nhi hai purano ma bahut jhute hai.per vad hi scientific hai.vad hi ishwariya granth hai .Sabki mother language hai sanskrit hai.sanskrit sab desho ki language thi tabhi iswar na vado ko sanskrit ma banaya.

  17. Nasa ma b vado per research hoti hai.vado ma vo science hai jo aaj ki science 1000 salo ma b nhi pahuch sakti.

  18. Nice Sagor Bhai…. N ekbat… Me v ek Sanskrit student hu… Main avi BA 3rd Sem Por Sanskrit major leke Por raha hu… N ma Hamare ghr n clg n mobail Por hamesa Sanskrit se bat korta hu..

  19. भाई मेरा निवेदन है आप से की आप इस वीडियो दुबारा से बनाओ फुल ditail मैं

  20. Right! Bas beth ke gappe maro… Indians love to do that, hamare bharat me ye, vo. BRO HIGH-LEVEL LANGUAGE CAN NEVER BE A SOURCE LANGUAGE FOR MACHINE.

  21. गुस्सा आ रहा है तुम्हारा भासन सुन के।
    Useless no worthy
    अरे इतने गंभीर विषय को इतने हल्के में बिना निष्कर्ष ख़तम कर दिया

  22. इसीलिए तो भारत को विश्व गुरु के नाम से जाना जाता है क्योंकि संस्कृत भाषा भारत उत्पन्न से ही उत्पन्न हुई है जय हिन्द

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