Here’s why the Apple CUBE Computer was a Beautiful $2,800 FAILURE

– Hey guys, Metal Jesus here. Now today we’re gonna take a look at the Apple G4 Cube computer
released back in 2000. Many people considered
this to be one of the most beautiful computers ever created and it’s even part of the
Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection in New York City. And I think you’ll
agree it’s even stunning to look at today. However, its small design forced Apple to come up with some innovative solutions and unfortunately, some compromises. So today we’re gonna talk about what made this computer so special. I’m gonna show you all of its quirks, of which there are many, as well as talk about why it
was ultimately a huge failure. (upbeat rock music) Here’s the Apple Power Mac G4 Cube. Now this was originally sold for $1,800 back in the year 2000 and believe it or not that
did not include a monitor. Now we’re gonna get to that in a bit, but just imagine that if
you add a monitor to this, well, you’re gonna increase
the price quite a bit. Its most striking feature
of course is the fact that it’s a seven inch by
seven inch by seven inch cube suspended in Plexiglass. Now the idea being here
is that it would look like it was floating above your desk. Oooh. This particular one is a
Dual 450 megahertz PowerPC and the RAM has been
upgraded to 384 megabytes. Some other specs of this computer are the ATI Rage 128 Pro video card. This machine also has a
30 gigabyte hard drive, a five speed DVD-ROM drive, and this machine came with Apple OS 9.2. When you’re looking at this footage it’s obvious what they were going for as far as a design of this. Basically all four sides of
that cube are very simplistic, very clean, very modern looking. As a matter of fact, I mean, this was such a radical departure from those typical Dell computers that you would get at the time, it kinda blew people away. It’s when you start looking
at the top of the cube you start to see exactly how
they pulled all this off. The first thing you notice at the top is the motorized slot loading DVD drive and then next to that is a massive hole. Now you would expect there
to be a fan in this computer and that’s where the vents would be, but actually this is a
completely fanless computer. There’s no fan on the motherboard. There’s no fan on the video card. Instead, it’s a huge heat
sink that you can see through all the way from the top
through to the bottom. So in theory this computer
could be completely silent unlike anything else on
the market at the time. Now in truth, you actually
can still hear that old school IDE spinning hard drive, but in general this is
a very silent computer. Now one of the tricks that
Apple used to pull that off. Well, they sorta cheated a bit because at the time most tower PCs would have the power
supply inside the case. But Apple took that outside
of the case in this regard and so it’s a massive
brick that you would sit underneath your desk. Is it cheating? Eh, maybe a little. That’s actually a tactic
that modern game consoles use to get a smaller form
factor underneath your entertainment center in the living room, not unlike the Xbox 360. And then check out the power button, which isn’t actually a button at all. It’s simply printed on the case. Instead that’s actually a proximity sensor that detects whenever
your finger is over it and then that’s what
turns on the computer. Let’s go ahead and flip it over and see where you plug everything in. So, on the left there of course
you have an ethernet port. Next to that you have two firewire ports. Next to that are two USB ports and you’ll notice that one
of them is kinda messed up. So in this case I only
have one underneath there, but as you’ll see this
is not the whole story. This computer actually has five USB ports. You just can’t see them all yet. Next to that is the modem port because after all this is the year 2000 and people are still doing dial up. That is where the power plugs in and then below that you have
two options for your monitor. This particular video card
supports both VGA out. So if you have a standard PC style monitor you can use it here. Or it has something called ADC. Now that is Apple’s
proprietary display connector and when I get to the monitor I’m gonna tell you why you
would probably want to use that. And then check out these small buttons that are in the corner here
that you could easily miss. That’s your reset button
and your programmer’s button and the reason why you
have those is because the power button that’s
on the top of the unit well, if the OS locks up
or the hardware locks up, the only way to reset
this would be to basically unplug it from the wall. And so they put these little buttons here that you can stick your
finger in down below there if you get a lock up and quickly reset it. But here’s one of my favorite
features of this computer. Check it out. With one finger you push
the handle and it pops up and then with one hand you can gain access to the entire internals of the computer. It’s here we can start
seeing just how compact this thing really is. It’s quite impressive. Now with open like this and exposed you can start upgrading
the RAM if you want. This uses PC 100 RAM, but
you can go up to PC 133. By default this computer
could come with as low as 64 megabytes of RAM, but you can upgrade it to up
to 1.5 gigabytes if you want. By default these computers
did not come with Wi-Fi. Mine didn’t as you can see here, but there is a slot here
where you can go buy and optional Airport card. And on the top you can see
that proximity sensor exposed that used for power. It just feels like futuristic voodoo tech. It’s so cool. Apple never intended their users to swap out the hard drives, but over the years people
who have owned these things have actually swapped
out the older IDE drives and put in solid state drives, making this computer completely silent. I definitely intend to do that. And I have to say, isn’t
it ironic that today you can’t open Apple computers at all. They’re glued shut, they’re not designed to be upgraded, it definitely sucks. So that’s one of the things
I love about this era is that Apple was full
on giving you the access to the hardware to do
whatever you wished with it. Now let’s go ahead and take a look at the Apple studio display. This is a 17 inch monitor here. And like I mentioned, this was optional. This was not included. As a matter of fact,
this would set you back an additional $1,000. So think about that for a second. The Apple Cube without any
options would start at $1,800 and then you’d add another
$1,000 for this display. That seems crazy to me, but I guess the good news
is for your thousand bucks you would actually be getting
a really good display. So this is an active matrix LCD display. It has a resolution of 1280 by 1024 and 16 million colors and I have to say that even today, this looks shockingly good. It’s a very very nice monitor and if you’re curious I
actually bought this for $30 from RE-PC down in Tukwila just about a month ago and that’s definitely
more of my price range. A couple interesting
things about this monitor. I mentioned ADC previously, that’s the Apple Display Connector, that’s Apple’s proprietary
video connection cable. And this monitor definitely uses that and it uses it in a really interesting way because that display type
is a modification of DVI and what it does is it
combines analog and digital into one simple cable. Meaning in one cable, you actually get power to the monitor, you also get a video signal, and you also get USB data
all at the same time. Remember how I mentioned that
this computer technically has more USB ports? Well, when you use this monitor, notice on the back here you
have two additional USB ports that you can use. You can tap into these with anything. You can also use the power button built into the monitor itself
to just turn on the computer because again, it’s all integrated. It’s talking to each other. Now one thing to watch
out if you’re gonna buy one of these Apple studio displays today is that often these kickstands
in the back are broken. They’re very fragile and
often you’ll see these on Craigslist or Ebay and
they’ll be really cheap and that’s the reason why because you won’t be able
to prop it up easily. As cool as these monitors are
to use on an Apple device, you may wanna use it on a Windows PC and Apple did create at the
time an ADC to DVI converter, but in typical Apple fashion it would set you back $150. Wah-wah. Another quirk of the Apple Cube is that unlike every other
computer before and since, the Cube did not come with any
internal speaker whatsoever. Instead, Apple worked with Harmon Kardon, which is a well respected
high end speaker manufacturer to come up with these beautiful speakers that would come with the system. And the way it works is that
it has a external amplifier that gets power from one of the USB ports and it pushes out about 20 watts of power, but I have to say these sound pretty good. (thrash metal music) And built into that
amplifier is a headphone jack because, as I mentioned,
there are no audio inputs or outputs at all on the computer itself. Moving on to the Apple Pro keyboard. Now this is considered a
classic, at least in my mind, and was used not only with the Cube, but also with a lot of
the other Power Macs and I just think it’s yet
another really nice looking keyboard from Apple. One thing I love about this is that it has a full 108 keys. That is definitely something
you do not see anymore on most Apple computers and I definitely like the
cool semi-transparent keys. That just looks so cool with
the rest of this computer. Notice there are two
USB ports on either side of the keyboard. So, that’s where I come up
with six USB ports in total for this computer when
everythings connected. Or, I guess in my case, I only have five because one of them’s damaged, but that should be plenty. Here is the Apple Pro mouse and this is yet another example
of Apple’s beautiful design and unfortunately sacrificing
a little bit of functionality because this is technically buttonless and some people love it. Other people hate it. I fall somewhere in the middle because while using it, it feels great, but any time you have to
right click on something you have to do a keyboard shortcut, which just feels really dumb to me. Also notice that the cord is very short and that’s because it’s designed
to plug into the keyboard so there’s no extra cord
tangle hanging out there. And like I mentioned previously, this computer is currently Apple OS 9.2, but the good news is you can
upgrade it to a more modern OS. So I’m gonna put 10.4 Tiger on here as soon as I upgrade the RAM. So why did it fail? Well, it was basically
way too expensive for a mid-range Apple computer. I mean for about the same amount of money, you could buy a higher
end Power Mac computer and that would be way more customizable. And so, the Apple G4 Cube was only on sale for about a year before it
was pulled off the market. So that’s a quick look at
the Apple G4 Cube computer. Now what’s cool about this
is that passionate fans who love the form factor and
the idea of this computer are keeping it alive. So many of them have hacked the hardware, hacked the OS. They’ve put Linux on it. They have turned it into fishbowls. It’s crazy how much
people love this computer. And part of the reason
is is that, you know, over the years Apple has actually canceled a bunch of different projects, but they never officially canceled this. They actually just put
it on indefinite hold, which means that a lot of
fans are holding their breath that one day Apple will
actually bring this back in some fashion. And it’s not hard to see
the legacy of this computer showing up in newer Apple products. For instance, the touch button right here well that’s very similar
to say the Home button that’s on a iPhone or an iPad. Also the fanless computer, well, that kinda turned into
the Mac mini or the Apple TV. And who knows, maybe one day
Apple will bring this back. That would be pretty cool. I dunno, love to hear what you guys think down in the comments below. As always, wanna thank you
for watching my channel. Thank you for subscribing and take care. Like I did on the previous
Compact Bresario Laptop many of you will recognize
this style of video very similar to a Doug Demiro and Doug Demiro is on YouTube. He reviews cars in a very similar way and so I just wanna give
a huge shoutout to him because I love that style of video and I’m just basically taking his idea and applying it to computers. I hope it doesn’t make him mad because I’m a huge fan of his channel. Alright guys, thanks for watching. Have a great day.

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