Here’s what 128GB of DDR4 RAM in a PC looks like

There’s only one thing better than a PC with 64 gigabytes of ram, and that’s one with 128 gigabytes of ram yes, holy Percentage sign Dollar sign asterisk 128 gigabytes of Ram in a consumer PC at last This is for sears latest dominator platinum rampion. It’s made up of 8 16 gigabyte, DDR4 2400 modules that finally let consumers break the 64 gigabyte barrier hard core before if you wanted 128 gigabytes of ram you had to pay through the nose for a pricey intel xeon and low speed server And you’re still paying through another orifice for this ram? But at least you don’t have to pony up for [zeal] in fact the PC Behind me pairs the dominator platinum with Intel’s cheapo $350 or I7 5820k the ram Kit also Runs at much Faster [speed] than server grade ECC ram – the Secret to the new modules are higher density chips these chips with corsair and other ram makers? Finally build 16 gigabyte sticks not everyone can get to Ram Nirvana First you need an x 99 motherboard with eight slots in a bios at support hard core Now if you’re going to be a serb buzz Killington about it all and wonder just what the hell do you need with? 128 gigabytes of Ram Let me give You three reasons number one A Big-Ass ram drive with this much ram you can have a 100 gigabyte ram drive and Still have 28 gigabytes to run your system with that’s enough to fit even the biggest game on how fast is a ram drive Fast enough to make your friend with this intel 750 ssd feel like a chump with this pathetic 2.7 gigabyte read Speeds, why Your ram drive hits eight point eight gigabyte reads And almost eight point eight gigabyte writes Number two when you’re playing a [game] of ram poker with your other nerds You can play the ultimate hand 8 of a kind [rita] man weep suckers number three it gives us something to aspire to hardcore people said 128 megabytes of Ram was useless. So why bother if we stuck [with] that attitude? We’d be living in the stone age One day believe it or not. We’ll all look back and laugh [at] how pathetic 128 gigabytes of Ram [Seemed] Hard core

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  1. Dude my ipad is better with the 2gb of ram with the graphics card of Powervrgt7600 my pc has frame problems even with 4gb of ram with the graphics card of intel hd graphics 505

  2. I'm pretty sure when I'm 60 and show my future grandkids this, they'll laugh as they view it on their neural implants with 128TB of ram

  3. In music composing via computer (midi composing, sorry non-music peeps, google it!) having this much ram is pretty good and standard for higher end professional computers. It's super nice being able to compose in a big orchestral template with this much ram.

  4. If you built a system on the required motherboard, you could still put the top end extreme processor by Intel, and an RTX 2080 Ti. What this translates to is a serious virtual machine server connected to a multiple 10GB Ethernet subsystem for gaming servers. If, on the other hand, you want to edit video, I'd stick to a Quadro (for those who don't play games), until the new RTX hits in a few months.

  5. This is exactly why I'm getting 128gb of ram in my first build. I don't need it, and it's not necessary… but it's still necessary. 😉

  6. Can I play GTA v in Dell latitude e6420 laptop with 4gb ddr3 ram…. anyone reply as Intel 3000 graphics.. plsss reply anyone …

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