11 thoughts on “Google I/O 2016 – Keynote

  1. I don’t get why people are recording it when it’s already on YouTube unless there not gonna post it there or they don’t have an account but if they do then recording it is pointless… or unless they don’t know google has a channel, kinda gonna have to check before hand…. wait how did he get those peoples texts?…. do they know he’s using there texting?… (if it’s peoples texts).. that’s cool how a text will be translated by using the camera.. but what of if a persons speaking that language?.. omg this app understood his accent… and Siri doesn’t.. the word allo reminds me of the bbc series, Allo’ Allo, idk if it’s a coincidence or if they know how that series connects… Vulkan?… well I understand the change in spelling…. why a wand VR controller?.. I mean why not but it just seems too Harry Potter or whimsical? I mean with a creating app… or controlling things app.. idk..

  2. Should be possible to get assistance from Google Home without saying "Ok Google". Because tecnology should be more subtle, as being part of your life without you having to control it. I guess this is the next step. The Google being able to recognize when it is necessary without you having to say "Ok Google". This is a very hard level to achieve, even today, however I believe Google can do it.

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