44 thoughts on “Google Claims Quantum Computing Breakthrough | NBC News Now

  1. Account is going to get locked after 3 or 4 attempts after entering wrong password then what’s the use of entering the password combination million times ?

  2. This is critical: wherever you need security to be the highest, you need to get a quantumly entangled communication channel or even network in place. This mostly includes government, military and research communications.

    In no time at all, nothing will be safe from eavesdropping. In its own domain, this is top priority. The normal flow of information from any classical device to another over classical networks will easily be seen. The whole world is about to become a lot less secure. Unless you believe as I do that this has already happened. This is civilization changing technology.

  3. Quantum computers are the beginning for artificial intelligence and a way to store our consciousness even after our death.

  4. So basically this means AI will officially be able to develop a human conscious in this time era. Robots will be able to apply for citizenship by 2040 and have the privelage of running for president before 2050.

  5. Those little "aliens" that abduct people in their homes at night. There are always "mechanical" aliens in the mix, as well as time travel components. What foolish people call crazy now, is really just commonplace, actually simple, and outright boring. Quantum is a one-way road and we're already fully on it to the point of no return. Elon knows this.

  6. The qubit output need to be stored in a register to be recalled and computed by the qubit ALU, Right ?, does quantum computer use register to store it ?

    I watched in this video that says – https://youtu.be/92Ntk4niqPo – @ 5:08

    300 qubits can make more combimation of (1/0) than atoms in the known universe, The number of register needed to store qubits combination would be the number of combination it can make which is more than the atoms in the known universe, if the size of a registered is some how reduced to the size of an atom the storage drive will be bigger than the known universe because the combination is larger than the number of atom in the known universe.

    Does quantum computer use register to store value ?

    The AI storage drive cant be bigger than the universe it is limited to the size of the universe. It cant out smart the creator of the universe lol.

  7. Post quantum encryption already exists. so, thumb down. I like quantum computers, but this is inaccurate. Also even if you had 300.000 computers trying to hack an account, the system would just recognize what's going on (too many attempts on the same account). bruteforcing doesn't exist anymore. that stuff is from the 90's.

  8. Maybe Google doesn't achieve quantum supremacy yet. I think that it could be a trap for the Chinese in order they waste resources in stealing Google technology, and not developing their own.

  9. Um, if this quantum computer can do a math problem that takes a digital computer 10,000 years to compute then that means it would take humans 100,000+ years to solve that math problem. So how do we know the Google computer didn't give a bogus answer to a problem we haven't even figured out yet?

  10. Superconductive computers, with Mercury, graphene, liquid iron particulates, not impressed. It has its own personality.

  11. I hope that GOOGLE will STOP bombarding me with those stupid CHROME ads and solicitations. It is simple to interfere with quantum communications. Knock out power to the installations.

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