Gateway Essential PC (commercial 1999)

[music Who Are You? by The Who] When you buy a bargain basement PC,
what you’re really buying is a mystery box. Will there be a monitor? Probably not.
Lots of software? Ha! A free year on the internet?
24/7 tech support?
Dream on… With a Gateway Essential PC you know exactly what you’re getting. Monitor, great software. Award winning tech support
and free internet access, all for $28 a month. No mystery there. Call 1.800.GATEWAY for a Gateway Essential PC with an Intel Celeron processor. [music ends]

100 thoughts on “Gateway Essential PC (commercial 1999)

  1. I always wanted a Gateway back then, but got a Compaq Presario 7630 (or something), it died in 2005 thanks to viruses, trojans and spywares – my fault I didn't know better.

    Anyway I have a Gateway laptop I bought this year and I love it.

  2. Our first Pentium was a Gateway back in 1994. I had a Gateway Pentium MMX 166 MHz in 1997, though I switched a year later to a Pentium II 350MHz. Anyways, I know of someone who actually had a crappy experience with Gateway back in 1999, referring to it as the "Monster Known as Gateway," since she had a terrible experience with such.

    Well keep in mind that this machine had a Celeron processor, which is the low end deal,as many commented on.

  3. I remember when I couldn't get a laptop because they were so expensive. Well look now, $299 laptops.. $300.. $99 netbooks..

    iPad, get ready, the $100 tablet is coming someday.
    Macbook.. well, rich people still like you.

  4. I had one of these! My second computer (circa 2000) had the 500MHz Celeron. Coming from a 486DX2 66MHz, I thought this was hot stuff. These days, I either build my own (waiting patiently for Ivy Bridge procs for my next one!) or get high-end Dells.

    Everyone and their brother is a computer "technician" nowadays. A true technician either knows where the industry has been or was there in the midst of it all…and appreciates it.

  5. Celerons are pretty good the ones with the cache (mendocino), the ones without a cache are crap. You just need the right system like the ram, video card,etc.

  6. Wow, Celerons that time sucked. If you was going to buy a PC with a Budget CPU. Get the AMD Duron, kids. It's much faster.

  7. Gateway was awesome back then but celerons are known to be slow. I think other Gateway/Gateway2000 computers had Pentium I, II, and III processors.

  8. guys you do realize these PCs featured fast performance from a ATI Rage 128 capable of playing Test Drive 6, Simcity 3000 or The Sims 1 with either 3 systems: Windows 98,2000 And ME Most of them were during 2000. and celeron did its thing just fine back then yet its still for computers today. netbooks though. ATOM is worse than that thing. and those speakers blew the bass out too! really cool to have those. i still use them. they are from Boston but another was from Creative.

  9. Celerons generally suck, but man, back in the day, the Celeron 300A was the TITS. I had one and overclocked it to something like 550mhz or something.

  10. @mikedoerrproduction I tried the sandy bridge celeron g555(best celeron up to now) on my friend machine with 2 GB ram and it is not tha horrible.the newer ones still acceptable.

  11. Before the internet was commonly used, people didn't have a means of researching a product, lol. Only TV ad's. Excellent marketing strategy for their time, and as @edthewise says, it was a great deal at the time. Remember folks, this is when home PC's began to pick up.

  12. No kidding. I have an old Windows XP computer with that, and I decided to put Windows 95 on there because I might as well. lol

  13. I had this it was a good pc up till the day it died, miss it actually most pc's i've had since sucked

  14. "Award-winning tech support" Hello! You call award-winning tech support line. Please hold for the next 2 hours.

  15. Free internet access and tech support for only $28.00 a month oh and no mystery's here a intel celeron processor. Thumbs up you noticed that !!! 

  16. I got one of these!! Not original owner but it has pentium III now. It use to run Xp but Im trying to put linux on it. That moniter plug it came with is wack. Its a serial port in the VGA shape. No cords are made for it anymore.  

  17. A free year on the internet. Notice it's limited to 150 hours. That's only 30 minutes a DAY on the internet. WOW. 

  18. That was our first computer. I must've been 17 when we got that. Good times browsing porn on dial up and downloading video game emulators/roms.

  19. I bought this exact computer Sept 1999. Teck service sucked and did not come with any online connection. Had awful dial up! On phone support was for issues was very BAD!  Last gateway I ever bought. Have used HP since.

  20. that was my first pc lmfao it sucked ass i remember i had to customized form gateway cost like 2,000 lmfao 32mb of ram chold not even play thief

  21. i had a gateway with a celeron cpu, it was slow as fuck…. couldnt even listen to music while using the internet.

  22. I used to own a gateway computer. It had a lot of flaws like the Packard bell legend. My parents had to keep putting it in the shop as most of the parts were refurbished or bad. It came with a bad 3.5 floppy disk, bad CD rom drive, and other bad hardware. Surprisingly, we didn't have to replace the motherboard. In 2011, after we had it for 11 years, it finally died. It was a Gateway gx650 tower drive. Originally came with Windows 98 SE and had a Pentium lll processor. It was manufactured in June 1999 I think.

  23. 1000 bucks for something that cost like 50 bucks to produce back then…..somebody gave me one of these and to my surprise it works pretty fast….opened a bunch of windows, multitasking the thing to death almost…never hung once….listened to some tunes I found on it while watching media player visualizations…was not disappointed….hurray for the nineties…still not worth a thousand bucks though.

  24. I remember my dad buying us a Gateway on Christmas of '99, I know he ended up spending about 2k for it, only specs I remember are a first gen top of the line 900mhz Athlon processor, which was pretty beefy for the time. I hung up the old Playstation and started gaming on the PC because the graphics were so much better. Well, until I got a Gamecube a couple years later anyway.

  25. Back when you could slap on a monitor, some software and sell whatever PC you wanted for $999! A lot of people got ripped off, it wasn't until the late 2000s and early 2010s that people began to understand hardware outside of words like "pentium" and "mhz"

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