Gaming PC For 1500$ | 1500$ Gaming PC (Benchmarks Included) Featuring SLI GTX 770s [April 2014]

Hi Guys welcome to another gaming PC build.
Today we are going to build a gaming PC for 1500$. Now this is an high end PC designed
to give you maximum performance out of your games and also pretty much anything you throw
at it like video editing or audio production etc. To start off let’s take a look at some
games running on the 1500$ gaming PC. To start the build we are going to be using
an Intel Core i5-4670K Processor. This is of course a quad core processor based on the
latest Haswell Architecture with a clock speed of 3.4Ghz but however this is a K series processor
which means we can overclock it and don’t worry rest of the build is designed to work
with that as well. You can expect to get anywhere between 4 to 4.7Ghz with this processor. Overall
this processor is a great deal for about 210$ To keep out CPU cool we are going to be using
the Noctua NH-D14. Air coolers are usually overlooked in the mist of water coolers. Now
this is of course really gonna be aimed to give you a much better overclock on your i5.
However this one is a solid Air cooler which gives water coolers a run for their money.
Noctua fans may look ugly but they are the best in class in terms of perfromance. When
you consider that you don’t have to worry about leaks in your PC but also get the performance
of similar to that of Watercooling this CPU cooler is a great deal for about 70$. For our motherboard we going to be using the
Gigabyte GA-Z87X-D3H. This is a great motherboard which has all the features that you would
expect including obviously support for the Core i5 and overclocking it, upto 32GB of
RAM, SLI and CrossFire, and upto 10 USB 3.0 ports 8 SATA 3 ports€. Overall this is a
great motherboard all for about 145$. For our graphics card we are going to be using
2 EVGA GTX 770s in SLI. Now this is about as high as you can get without going to the
point of no diminishing returns, this is obviously overkill for a single 1080P monitor as you
saw on the benchmarks so consider investing in a nice 1440P or a 120Hz one. This of course
using the EVGA ACX cooler delivering lots of cooling performance and you can also get
a nice overclock on this one if you wanted to. This card will max out any game for about
650$. For our memory we going to be using two 4GB
sticks of Adata XPG V2 DDR3 1866Mhz RAM. This is a great RAM that I recommend in a lot of
my builds not only because it is reliable but it is rated to run at 1866Mhz out of the
box which is overclock able thanks to its heatsink. If 8 gigabyte isn’t enough for you
in the future you upgrade it to 16GB. This RAM is currently on sale for about 70$. For our SSD we are going to be using a 240GB
Crucial M500 Drive. An SSD really make a huge difference in day to day tasks as well as
stuff loading games and booting times. I really think a SSD is a must in this budget. However
the one is a solid SSD, it definitely has 240GB which is enough if not plenty for your
OS, Programs and maybe some games but of course the rest of you stuff can go on the other
hard drive and also this SSD is very fast and reliable. All for only about 115$. For our Hard Drive we are going to be using
a 1TB Seagate Barracuda. As I have said even though SSDs are much faster than any other
normal Hard Drive the one disadvantage is that you don’t really get much storage and
that’s where pairing it with a Normal Hard Drive for stuff like your movies, cat photos
definitely makes sense. This hard drive will set you back about 55$ For our case we are going to be using the
Fractal Design Define R4. This case is a silence optimized case which means it is well built
and also has some noise dampening foam inside, dust filters and two silent fans connected
to a fan controller. This will help you get good airflow without compromising on noise.
As this is a full sized ATX Case you have plenty of room for your motherboard, two graphic
cards, additional hard drives and also more importantly it will fit the giant Noctua Heatsink
perfectly which not a lot of cases do. However cases are a matter of opinion so you may look
at the Phantom 410 or the HAF 922 if you don’t like this one. Anyways the Define R4 will
run around 90$. For our power supply we are going to using
a 750W Corsair TX750. 750 Watts of capacity may not see a lot when you have two GTX 770s
but the total power consumption of this build is only around 650 watts so you will be Ok
with doing a few upgrades in the future. On top of that as this is an 80+ Bronze certified
power supply it is going to be very efficient and reliable. If you would like a modular
power supply you may go with a Corsair TX750M which is very similar to this one but only
modular and a little more expensive. Anyways this power supply will set you back about
110$. So there you go everything you need to build
yourself an awesome 1500$ gaming PC. Of course prices are always changing so I will have
links to all the parts mentioned in this video in the description right below the like button.
If you are interested in more fell free to check out my other build videos. If you enjoyed
definitely leave a thumbs and subscribe for PC builds like this. Also, a big shoutout
to my friend and fellow YouTuber JayTech go check him out he makes great videos. Anyways
guys I will catch you next time PEACE!

9 thoughts on “Gaming PC For 1500$ | 1500$ Gaming PC (Benchmarks Included) Featuring SLI GTX 770s [April 2014]

  1. I gotta totally agree with that ssd, its fast, reliable, cheap, and has very good space. I had one of those on my older pc but I upgrade while ago to a samsung 840pro 512gb, not a huge difference but there is some, well atleast for me. Great build tho

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