First Gaming PC Build of ₹ 1.2 lacs 🔥🔥

Hello friends! My name is Prashant and welcome to Desi Technology Last week, my channel achieved 1000 subcribers and last year at this time I started my channel so my 1 year is also completed so it marks my one year long journey YOUTUBE. So in this video in will show you my new gaming PC build I have purchased it for Rs. 1,20,000/- As you can see I have purchased all the parts For the motherboard i have chosen Asus B250F Gaming Mother Board Core i5 7500 Processor For Ram I have gone for 8×2 Dual Channel G Skill Trident. It is RGB Ram For storage I have chosen 250 GB Samsung 850 SSD and 1 TB WD Blue For my gaming and movies For Graphics I have chosen Zotac GTX 1060 3 GB AMP Edition Next for power supply Seasonic 520W Power Supply its very good and it’s cable are also sleeved and after that for the monitor I have chosen LG’s 29 inch Ultrawide monitor which I got from Amazon at around Rs. 21,000/- and at last for the Cabinet I have gone with the NZXT S340 which has tampered glass panel So let’s begin

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