9 thoughts on “Faça você mesmo | Open Source Ecology | Preparando o Futuro

  1. Marcin Jakubowski is criminally insane with regards to his treatment of the people who he exploits to carry out his projects. I know, I was there. He is a narcissistic user in the extreme. But don't believe me, waste a lot of money to find out for yourself. You do the work, he takes the credit. This twat is my avowed enemy after what he did to us.

  2. What really kills me is all the recognition, awards, speaking dates, and plane tickets he gets… too bad the people offering these do not realize this constitutes NARCISSISTIC SUPPLY for his SELF AGGRANDIZEMENT. Really, ask anyone who has worked with him longer than a week to see. The dude's girlfriend left him because he was trying to work her to death loading his wonderful brick machine (a copy of someone else's design AGAIN) he does no original work. He steals IP and calls it 'open source'

  3. well, these criticisms are serious! I do not know him. Just think Open Source Ecology is a brilliant idea. If all you say is true, then I'm sorry.

  4. Can you give us some concrete data? How can I really know if I should trust or not trust in your words?
    I don't expect you take this as an offense, but, what if you're been paid by some company to say that? ..it's a possibility

  5. I amnot in pay of any corporation to say this. Or this: H T T P [COLON] //tech [DOT] dir [DOT] groups [DOT] yahoo [DOT] com [SLASH] group [SLASH] socialagriculture/message/1197

  6. In fact, I don't really care about this guy. The idea is simply use what he created together with others are creating. I don't plan paying him anything, not even going to visit him. Just apply the ideas.

  7. Incrível mesmo ! ! ! É de mais ações como essa que nosso mundo precisa . VAMOS AOS POUCOS ACABAR COM O PODER QUE UMAS PESSOAS TEM EM RELAÇÃO ÀS OUTRAS, pois ai sim teremos liberdade, sem subserviência ! ! ! E Eduardo Valente, muito obrigado mesmo por esse post, sempre quando possível continue difundindo tais informações, pois o futuro civilizado, de facto, estamos fazendo aqui, agora.

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