EXCLUSIVE: Meet a Pro computer

On October 9th, we at PCWorld are creating
a revolutionary high performance computer for power users. It is designed and engineered to enable a
wide range of uses and virtually unlimited upgrade possibilities. Meet the Dune Pro case, inside of which we
will be building a computer worthy of the name ‘Pro’. Central to the Dune Pro case is a precise
stainless steel frame that also functions as feet and handles. With technology-grade aluminium doors and
aluminum interior the Dune Pro case exudes exquisite artisanal quality. It is the structural foundation for an architecture
designed for absolute upgrading and pretentiousness. While competitors may be limited to one platform
or a mere 28-cores, our Dune Pro build revolves around a 32-core AMD Ryzen Threadripper–
yes, four more. We know power users like PCIe lanes so our
Pro computer features no less than 64 PCIe lanes. And nothing says performance more than RGB,
so our build is equipped with G.Skill Trident Z RGB memory. Power users also believe in hardware ray tracing
and industry leading CUDA performance, so we outfit the Dune Pro with the world’s most
powerful Nvidia GeForce RTX card. The computer is completed by an aluminium
housing that houses the computer and completes the architecture. It’s unique machined 3D dimensional vents
not only maximize air flow, they allow the air to flow stylishly. Our preoccupation with pretense defines the
magical design of the Dune Pro. Join us on October 9th as we build a real
Pro computer – a PC.

100 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Meet a Pro computer

  1. I loved the first dune case (cylindrical) copy! Still waiting to buy it, but nobody ever answered our emails…

  2. It’s a Mac. Mac people will get it. But to be fair, people who complain about this computer are usually those who can’t afford it. Just saying. Id love to see it bench marked though

  3. I'd love to transfer my computer to this case, but I get a feeling that this isn't for real. Even if it is the case is really going on sale, it's probably going to be too expensive for me.

  4. I’d want an Intel CPU in my ‘pro’ computer for quick sync when working with video… Mac Pro is not worth the price over my 9900k 5k iMac though

  5. the close-up shots show just how terrible these chinese made cases continue to be mfg'd with uneven seem lines and shitty side doors.. Cheap garbage imo. Great video tho.)

  6. What no dual Quadro RTX 8000? 2080ti doesn’t have enough memory to be ‘pro’! A least your ‘pro’ computer will have Windows LTSC preinstalled, right? And if I’m going to buy my ‘pro’ computers from you I’ll be expecting enterprise service contact in place for my company, so how much will that be? All jesting aside … I was shocked to see what Dell was going to charge for new laptop in the enterprise space! ‘Pro’ isn’t something you can build off the shelf, sorry! Please compare Apple products to Enterprise offerings from major PC builders.

  7. hahahaha, love it!!! best clickbait i have ever seen 🙂 wonder if apple will make a copyrights strike 🙂 Get the EPYC board from linus, then you can say: 34 cores more 🙂

  8. Where is my pro monitor stand
    This build is nothing without that pro monitor stand
    This thing is basically uses without it
    Come on Gordon i thought you knew better

  9. I’m a Mac fan music production so I was well and truly clickbaited however I do use a pc for games I was gonna say for everything else but I don’t really do anything else

  10. LTT already did this. But – they didn't use a real server motherboard that could hold 1.5TB of RAM. Whereas that mac pro mobo can go up to 1.5TB. And I think that mac pro will be able to handle dual CPU sockets too. I can't remember. I also can't remember if Apple went with Intel Xeons or AMD Threadrippers.

  11. "The computer is completed by an aluminum housing, that houses the computer, and completes the architecture." 😂
    –Gordon Mah Ung, Editing Executive Editor of Pretentious Pretense, Department of Redundancy Department, PCWorldWorld

  12. I don't know why, but I felt like there is a catch. I was hoping to see how you grate a block of cheese at the end..

  13. Are they really building this case? Because they tried to sell the 2013 mac pro copy in 2016 but it never came out

  14. "(…) the air to flow………STYLISHLY" HAHAHA. With the thumbnail I was: "I've seen something like that thing somewhere" and in the middle of the vid I got it. Gosh. As always. Good one, and see you guys around. Thumbs up!

  15. My idea of a PRO [proper] COMPUTER must include a removable disc BD Blue-ray reader writer. Holographic Disc Hard Drive HDHD is also important since SSD solid state drives are vulnerable to loss of data due to magnetic disturbance issues. SSD is not full durable. However holographic disc memory is so durable that it can last even a hundred years. So I am not impressed by such computers that do not allow for remove able disc drives as well as HDHD Holographic Disc Hard Drives. Please build chassis that allow for HDHD and removable disc drives too. Flash Memory Sticks are very vulnerable to data loss. Put a magnet anywhere near to a Flash Memory Stick and all data is lost.

  16. I hope this computer is faster, then the one Linus Tech Tips are building.
    Please make me proud, that a PC branded channel can win from LTT.

  17. From the site “We recongise that our Mini ITX Dune Case is in high demand and will be released in the near future”. Recongise?
    “While at the back we have deep drawed a pattern”?? Who wrote this???? Grammarly anyone? The case is makin me want to whip up a fresh batch of Mac n cheese. 3D vents are grate

  18. It "SOUNDS" exp already….before the build even begins🤔…allows the airflow to flow stylishly ….that's something new….😒

  19. LMFAO this is fucking sad….Apple still selling shit pc for more than what it cost. PCWorld basically bought a really expensive case.
    Someone already made a pc build similar to the case in an itx form factor: https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/comments/chmm7d/industrial_gk1_mod_raijintek_ophion_evo_first/

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