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Hey guys, Miles here with XDA TV, and I’ve been using the Essential phone for almost a full month now and it’s a pretty decent phone and the main thing that all the other reviewers and Essential themselves talk about, is the clean and smooth stock Android experience on the phone But for me my experience has been quite the opposite of clean and smooth, so just a quick disclaimer: major ranting ahead The essential phone is running Android 7.1.1 out of the box, and there’s literally nothing else added to it in terms of extra software or features just pure stock Android, so the phone performance-wise was not bad The only buggy and slow thing about the phone at first was the camera. The app would crash and lag all the time, So thank God they came up with the port for the Google camera Can I just talk about Essential’s camera app for a second? Like, take a look at the whole branding scheme and how the phone itself looks and then take a nice good look at this goofy looking camera app icon as well as the UI of the app itself It’s the most out of place thing with the entire phone and I don’t know who thought that was a good idea to make it look like this. So after about a week of using the phone that’s when the seriously annoying bugs started occurring. Lots of app crashes, the phone had lots of slowdowns, and this is something I’ve never really experienced on a basically brand new flagship Android phone not on the Pixel phones not on the Nexus phones and definitely not on OnePlus phones So I thought since this phone is new maybe just needs an update to fix the major bugs so When the first update came out for this phone, I couldn’t even download it I tried restarting my phone wiping the cache out of the system update app, and keep in mind that this is completely unrooted and not tampered with at all So I had done nothing to cause this to occur so I had to wait about another week or so for another update and then I was able to install that, then really nothing changed at all. I was still getting the same stupid bugs I was before the update, which was really disappointing. Oh and another bug I’ve had is that when the display is off 60% of the time the fingerprint doesn’t even register and the display remains off which gets really annoying. I think the important takeaway here is that even with all the delays and screw-ups with just getting the phone into your hands They still couldn’t deliver on a solid software experience, at least in my usage. Which shows, because they were only able to sell around 5000 units which is pretty bad And the worst part is is that there are no custom roms that I can install to make this phone a little more interesting Because nobody wants to buy and develop for the phone in the freaking first place. All of this has really made me appreciate companies taking the time to test their phones out and make sure that users have the smoothest software experience possible because This right here is what happens if you don’t. So honestly I don’t recommend you purchase this phone even if you’ve been thinking about it. It’s a cool looking phone, and it’s built well, but other than that for the price you’re paying there’s really not much else going for it other than the mods or “mod” I should say because there’s only one out so far so that’s basically gonna do it for this little mini rant Thanks for watching make sure to subscribe if you enjoyed this video, and I’ll talk to you guys in the next one

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  1. When you couldn’t download the update it was cause u had no signal plus u weren’t even connected to WiFi yeeez retardation level to the extreme

  2. Android will never beat Apple on sales, to beat Apple you have to come up with something completely revolutionary, like how the first iPhone redefined not just smartphones, but also how we use the Internet.

  3. Kudos for not calling them themselves as "New Compay" or "We are new to the game" (which they indeed are) and other things OPO did at the beginning.

    People won't buy this phone mainly because the price tag. With the same price, I can add a couple more $$ and get a NOTE.

  4. Earlier some reviewers tried to be nice about this phone, but there is too much wrong with it. Thanks for the honest rant!

  5. This phone feels like a kickstarter special.
    To be honest I think we all expected more from the creator of android

  6. Somebody didnt get paid.That phone is just fine.Its what you do with it as is every phone.Somethings fishy about this review..

  7. When you come up with a new company, you don't make phones, label them flagships and compete with top firms like apple, samsung and many more. They should have at least priced it like a mid-ranger

  8. I had a similar software experience with my stock Essential. Very buggy, apps delayed and terrible cellular reception. My HTC U11 on T-Mobile sitting in my living with WiFi off, 25Mbps down 4Mbps up. Essential from the exact same location in my house (10 minutes later than the U11 test), 3.97Mbps down, 0.20 (Yes 0.20) Mbps upload. Pathetic. I was happy to pay the restocking fee when I returned it to Best Buy.

  9. People gotta calm down, it’s the this guys first time with making a major release smartphone, yeah not as major as every other company but the company needs constructive criticism and they will bring out a better product hopefully.

  10. The speed test indicate a terrible performance – especially keeping apps open in background – cant support a company that doesn't give a shit about prep before throwing a product out..

  11. I haven't had any issues with mine. No disrespect to you and your experience, but my phone runs great and I haven't experienced any lag at all.

  12. Yeah… I had high hopes for this phone, but unfortunately it just doesn't deliver, specially at the price point. Perhaps Andy will get it right-er in the next one.
    But you see, there's nothing essential about it. I've been hearing a lot how this is yay stock Android and whatnot, but it isn't. You are getting a barely modified OS, sure, but updates will still depend on the company who delayed the phone and had a horrible costumer service experience on release.
    Using titanium and ceramics, so called premium materials, is also not essential at all. Not only it makes the phone heavier, ceramics is also more brittle than Gorilla Glass. It's basically there to show off.
    And then, the Motorola like accessory port with one 3D camera that the vast majority of people have no interest in.
    All the software problems, which I won't pick too much because it's understandable for a 1st gen device, but still.
    Not water resistant, no headphone jack, no SD card support… some might argue that the lack of features makes it "essential", but it'd be more accurate to say it's "barebones"… only the price really doesn't fit the specs.
    It's weirdly awkward. This is the very opposite of an essential phone, should be renamed Superfluous phone. Almost any phone in the market is more "essential" than it. Too bad.

  13. You guys are confusing…youvwant a "clean stock android experience" then you want a to install custom rooms. Make up your mind.

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  15. If you bought this phone you deserve the garbage that it is. That camera notch already shows the kind of bad decisions these guys make

  16. A lot of you are ranting and don’t even own the phone or haven’t even used it. This is by far the most complete Android phone I’ve ever used and I’ve had my fair share. With the current software build the camera issue is non existent and the operating system is snappy. A lot of you get on comment sections and cry for the stuff this phone has I.E. bezeless display and no branding, vanilla Android etc. and Andy was brave enough to deliver yet you’re ungrateful and ridicule him instead of standing behind him and supporting him through the growing stages of the company. All the phones people in this comment section are saying are better I tested and none of them felt like the Essential and most of them had higher price points with less storage space. This phone may not have the latest top notch components but what it does have surpassed most of the competition for me I don’t regret my decision one bit

  17. It's sad that people all over the internet are bashing this phone…'s too bad that this phone isn't very good…..we will never get anything other then apples and Samsungs here in the states……we give nothing else a chance

  18. No lag whatsoever for me. Phone has been flawless. What kind of crazy things are these people doing to experience all these problems. My guess is that most people in the comments don't even own it..

  19. I was playing with my co-workers essential phone today for quite a bit. I am impressed, he loves his phone, no problems what so ever he said. Picking mine up tomorrow 100 of right now at BB

  20. It's obviously because you applied a launcher, the Flick Launcher in specific which is still an unreleased app with bugs and in addition to that, you have the Delta app icon skin. So that's going to cause a bit of lag in a few areas. You rant how the software is supposed to be fast due to it being basic, but you practically made it into a different looking software.

  21. Sorry to hear that mines works fine. I haven't had any problem .it's been a Sweet phone.I'm running nova on it not sure if that's making a difference

  22. You might have a defective unit. I have been using this phone for two months, great experience, fast phone, no bugs. Also, if you purchased your phone before November, Essential will give you $200 Family and Friends discount, we ended up paying $300 for my wife's one.

  23. You sound stupid Bru this phones a killer especially after the price drop. Lmfao idiot got a bad unit and doesn't understand. Please hear a this, not a rant. Got my essential after owning every Galaxy every made and walking into Sprint for an iPhone X. Ceramic and steel change the game. 128 on board change the game. No branding makes this phone have a certain……"I'm on your side" type of appeal it's just such an amazing daily driver no issues of what this man's talking about. The essential is that boxer you can't touch who waits out your stamina and bangs you out in the 9th round with ease. To a real phone buyer the essential is the pound for pound winner. POUND, for pound. Oh and I got mine for 150 bucks with sprint. So instead if an iPhone X I have an essential and 8 hundred and fifty dollars. You'd have to be w fucking moron to not get this phone seriously

  24. This Review Is Out of Date at this time.

    I say this because…

    1. The software is buttery smooth at this time due to updates;

    2. What is the lousy Rap about the Earphone jack? The adapter combo DAC that comes with the USB C adapter is an outstanding, flexible, and impressive sounding accessory. Just think of it as a 3in. Extension of your cord and leave it plugged into your earbuds and take care of it, so as it will not get lost.

    One more thing, you know if you use a male to male extension wire you can play your Spotify Music at extreme quality levels and be the "Head In" for a 1,000 watt home stereo system. Try that and see how it sounds. There is a Hugh difference in the listening experience. The wire cost you a couple of bucks to try out.

    3. Due to recent updates on the camera's software, the camera now provides an upper-end point and shoot experience at this time. I recommend one install the free Adobe Express App as it integrates "Seamlessly" into the stock software during the post editing phase to finish polishing up your pics if you want too.

    4. Please Stop a minute and see the forest for the trees. This phone could be the last phone you ever purchase as for the most part it future proof. This phone OS is wide open and its a real Sleeper of a Phone. Within a few months, it's owners at that time will pull up next to a stop light and Samsungs and Apple high rollers will make lite of it one too many times. When the stop light goes Green, The Essential Phone, by that time, will have morphed into a Hot Rod Sleeper device that will blow the doors of the 700 to 1,000 multi-billion dollar Corporate phones leaving them in amazement. How will it be able to do this you may ask?

    5. The essential open source community will make this happen. There are signs of it already. Example, Android O already installable on this phone by its Geek leading edge initial following and Andy quietly let it happen on the sidelines.

    6. You are kind of right saying this phone is not for folks that just want to use it ideally out of the box.

    7. This phone is best served for the mid-level to an advanced crowd that loves the fact that They have "Power in the hands of the Few!

    8. Take a leap of faith save some bucks and jump on Andy's Essential Phone Train so you won't be left at the station.

  25. I want to set up my home screen and wallpaper looks just like in this video, if you can provide description for that please, thanks

  26. I bought my Essential PH1 Black Moon on December 6 and since purchased the updates have been coming so fast I lost count. Premium hardware, stock Android software, excellent battery life and no stutter or lag anywhere. Oh yeah! Did I mention that the price has dropped to $499? I love my Essential and this phone is getting better with each update.

  27. The hateraid and dark side is strong with you… But then again I did pick up this phone for 5$ per month Sprint deal so 120$ and the 360 camera for free. I didn't have your problems but I also updated my phone and camera app before I used it.

  28. This has got to be one of the most melodramatic comments sections I've ever seen, a bunch of bullshit from folks that have likely never even had the device in hand. The Essential is an excellent device, the build quality is tops and it's aesthetically beautiful. I can't speak much for the Nougat builds as I was only on them for a couple of days but the Oreo releases, even in the beta stage have been extremely solid. At $700 I could see a case being made against it, but for the 5 bills it's dropped too since the Essential is a no brainier.

  29. So many clueless people in the comments section… Be sheep much. With the price drop and updates, this phone is amazing.

  30. Man the Essential Phone looks sleek and sexy as hell. The things that kept me from buying it were its small size and its camera. That and its availability.

  31. This is the best phone in Canada at this moment. Koodo is selling it for 310$ CAD so about 250$ USD. Bought one on Monday but haven't received it yet. Hope I can find a way to root with Magick without having the known WiFi problem. With Xposed and GravityBox, it would be superb. 128gb and a 835. I think it will be an update to my One M8 even with the slowdowns.

  32. The phone is amazing. The roll out of 8.1 fixed many issues. I am running dev mode of 8.1 and trust me the phone is working very well. Keep in mind this is their first phone. Definitely better then Samsung, I have had the S8+ and this phone is better. The phone is at 450 new and can be had on ebay used like new for 350.

  33. Lowered price to 400 on Amazon US and they have released Android 8.1 before one plus did it. Could we get an update on this video.

  34. I disagree with this video 100%. I bought mine about a month ago and I have not had a single issue. Everything is smooth all the time and I havnt had a single crash yet. I think this guy in the video must have gotten a bad model or when they came out the phone had glitches. He shouldn't be scaring people away from this phone. It's such a good phone for the price point, I mean 120 gb, premium feel, premium performance, stock around for 500? Hells yes buy this phone.

  35. Android Oreo 8.1.0 runs excellent on this phone without any issues and now Android P beta 2 is out for this phone as well. This phone is highly underated and this video needs to be updated.

  36. Here's MY Essential Phone rant for anyone who wants to read an unbiased, first-hand opinion about the phone I purchased 5 weeks ago …. I Purchased a new, open-box PH-1 last month for $400 and it has been FLAWLESS ! It really is a crying shame that Essential has scrapped plans to build a "PH-2" ( I don't know if that's what they were going to call it or not but, it seems logical ). The phone is fast, solidly built and come with plenty of storage that is not burdened or cluttered with dozens of "bloatware apps" or redundant apps ( every other manufacturer charges a king's ransom for 128 GB and then loads it up with all sorts of useless junk ). Minutes after taking the phone out of the box and activating it, I received an OTA update to Android Pie. The wifi and cellular signal is no better or worse than any of my previous phones, the sound volume and call sound quality are excellent and the camera app is bare-bones but takes high quality photos without a ton of "features" and "effects" that I have NEVER used on ANY phone. I have seen reviews from people who claim that "the phone charges very slowly or doesn't charge at all" – I have never experienced this problem. The OEM charger is a 27 watt charger. Most aftermarket USB-C chargers available at Target or WalMart are 12 watt chargers. While these WILL work to charge the Essential phone, don't expect that it will be as fast as with the proper charger. Other "issues" that I see people complain about are: "No wireless charging" and "No 3.5 mm headphone jack". Personally, I couldn't care less about either of these "issues". It isn't an inconvenience to have to physically plug a cable into my phone to charge it ( as opposed to just setting it down on a charging pad that needs to be connected by a cable to the electrical outlet ). Bluetooth audio and wireless earbuds are my standard go-to means of listening to music from my phone so, no headphone jack isn't an inconvenience either, on the contrary no built-in headphone jack is just one less thing that can fail. If you REALLY must have a 3.5 mm headphone jack, Essential provides a USBC to 3.5 mm dongle with the phone and aftermarket versions of it are available cheap.
    Now, just as I am ecstatic of the design, quality and functionality of this phone, I do have a couple of "cons" to list: The first is the lack of waterproofing of the phone. For a phone with such high-end components and solid build, why not give it some protection from the elements ? There are companies out there that offer nano-technology waterproofing service for phones though so, this is a shortcoming that is easily overcome through a third part service provider.
    The second "con" ( which isn't any fault of Essential ) is that the front runners of the protective phone case world ( Otterbox, Fre and the like ) have snubbed the Essential phone. There ARE cases available from Poetic ( and others ) that provide some level of protection but, none that I can say, "THIS is the case you need for your phone". In my search for a case, I came across a YouTube video demonstrating the MOUS phone cases and was thoroughly impressed – unfortunately, also not available for the Essential phone and after contacting the company directly, they advised that they have no plans to build such a case. Too bad.
    The short of this is, the Essential PH-1 is, IMHO a GREAT phone at any price. All of those $1000 + phones flooding the market offer nothing that is worth the $600+ price difference. If you are an Android user and have an opportunity to get a new or gently used Essential phone for a good price, I highly recommend it and suspect that, unless you need to have a mainstream flagship phone with all of the additional bloatware and redundant apps, you too will be impressed.

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