Epic Studio Tour 2019 ($10,000 Gaming PC Giveaway?!)

Yello YouTube, it’s ya boy, SirChancealot The most famous YouTuber on the internet Now, I get a lot of comments asking “Hey, how do you make such good videos?” “What’s your computer? What do you use?” Well, today as a special treat to all you guys… *Whispering*
I’ve decided to let you in on a little secret Today- *laughs slightly* Today, I’m going to show you guys what goes on behind the scenes of a SirChancealot video Let’s find out *Dramatic, Epic Music* Emery (quietly): Say the stuff about gamer fuel So, before we get into the computer/gaming aspect of my setup, I would like to share with you guys some of my lifestyle tips. What do I do that makes SirChancealot SirChancealot? Well, let’s find out Emery (whispering): Open your mouth *Hysterical laughter* So, when I wake up in the morning, I’m usually not ready to be such an epic gamer like I am right now Emery: Preach But, fortunately because of great companies such as G-Fuel Emery: Preach I’ve managed to come up with a solution to get those epic gamer juices flowing through my body so that I can make some epic videos Now, this says about one serving per [scoop], BUT, I like to also add some more epic gaming energy with a monster So I usually add the powder to the Monster And I usually put about three servings into it, just so I KNOW that I’m ready to be an epic gamer for the day So that’s just a pro tip for you guys: you have to get in the right mindset So you gotta get that gamer juice going you guys! So here’s my tutorial on how to make the perfect drink in the morning, using gamer fuel. So, here’s just the standard stuff, you know. You have your G-Fuel. I use the Blue Ice flavor, I find it superior to all others I have my patented Gamer Scooper TM And here, of course, the world-famous G-Fuel energy formula cup. It even has little dashes on the side so you know whether your going to die- Emery: [So you know] how much gaming you got And of course I have my standard Monster Zero, just to get that extra gamer juice going However, that being said, some days I’m feeling a little down in the dumps, you know what I’m sayin So, some days I need a bit more to really get those gamer fuels going So that’s when I pull out my extra stuff We have Swiss Miss Marshmellow Lovers that I like to add, Some Crystal Lite Fruit Punch Mix I like to pour in the full two-quart serving, just to get the flavors going as well And of course just to clarify that I’m such a gamer, I like to add in the Strawberry Lemonade just because it’s the pink And I don’t want to dye my hair pink, but I need to show that I’m such an epic gamer Emery: You need to dye your insides pink So I’m just going to show you how to make the perfect formula First, you got to get the G-Fuel in. So let’s just add about this much. That seems pretty good We have to make sure it all gets in there. If any escapes, then… you don’t want any of the mosquitos turning into gamers So then I like to add the Swiss Miss Mix I like to add in just the marshmallows for the epic gaming I like to call these my gaming pellets, they grow and expand in your body and they give you the energy that you need So then I add the Strawberry Lemonade to dye my insides pink Just so I can be just like all the cool Twitch girls So you can start to see it’s taking the form of some pretty epic gaming looks So then we add in some Crystal Lite Fruit Punch I’m thinking that with all this said, I’m only going to add a little bit just because this is kind of the stronger stuff- Emery: *Pours entire packet into cup* Now for the main ingredient, or the mixing ingredient as I should say, Monster Zero So now we just add that in to the mix And you sort of want to stop as you get closer to the top So about a full can will do it So now you just add in the patented G-Fuel mixing components And you can see that this isn’t very much liquid, usually it goes all the way to the top. So the less liquid you have and the more powder you add, that’s the more gaming you’re going to get for your buck So anyway, let’s mix this bad boy together *more dramatic music* *BOOM* Happy New Year you guys Pour me a drink, bartender But of course, good sir *Pouring liquid death* *Seinfeld Theme* Emery: C’mon Ben, we need this for the vid Ben: Noooo
Emery: We need it Emery (soothingly): There you go, that’s it, that’s it. Down your medicine Ben: WOOOOO Emery: More! Emery: We need to win Tetris 99! YELLO YOUTUBE Emery: Hey Ben, you okay? You’ve been in there for like an hour, I hope it’s not the G-Fuel Hey man, I was just listening to the H3 Podcast, did you know that Mr. Beast was on there? Emery: You pooping in here? And then we have the dungeon, you know, every house has one. I- -*banging against door* Let me out! AAHHH!!
-I have to go check something *Banging against door*
Dobby is free! Get back in there you little- So now I guess it’s time I show you my living quarters -Ben noo, you’ve been trapped in the shadow realm again
-NOOO not again Emery: Alright, so Ben usually does most of his work in the office, but I guess I should show you where he lives afterwards You know, he’s got a pretty good living quarters- Spare change? Spare CHANGE????!?! Spare change? Will work for Gamer Juice You guys got any steam gift card codes? So if you keep up those standards of living, then you’re well on your way to becoming a YouTube star just like me But, we already knew about that Now it’s time for the stuff you don’t know about: how epic my computer is I’m running a pretty powerful system you guys, get ready So, the graphics card. I’m running a GTX t- *TV Static* *Comical Emery Noises* Aw, sorry about that you guys. My editing software deleted all the files! Man, computers sure are scary, aren’t they. Or in my case, scary powerful. Now back to it. So my computer, it’s a super powerful system built by Asus over in Taiwan Huge shoutout to them It’s meant to channel my gamer energy into the game itself. It’s super powerful So anyway, let’s just jump right into it Are you guys ready? We’re going to start doing the studio tour right- -After this sponsorship video This video is sponsored by the Ad Council Ad Council can make your ad be here at any time and can determine what your viewers will see It’s a really amazing service that I highly recommend. I use it on all of my videos So be sure to tune in So that you can see Your ad On a video *Gravity Noises* And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for: my epic gaming PC Now in here is where I’ve recorded every single SirChancealot video Are you guys ready to see this? This is kind of an emotional moment for me because this has always kind of been a secret, you know This is sort of me becoming more than just a character, this is me becoming SirChancealot to you So… It is my pleasure *fake tears* to finally show you, the real SirChancealot Emery: *Burps* Leftover gamer fuel *Epic music plays again* *painful mechanical typing* Here it is. The mother of all gaming systems I’m running the Brother ML100 Standard Edition. That’s just the chassis of course. And for my monitor, I’m using the Nintendo DS It’s a classic, but don’t let that fool you. It’s just as powerful as any of those newfangled 100-inch monitors. So you may be wondering: “How did you play all those triple-A games at 4k 60fps?” Well, there’s a simple solution really. I added a couple of mods to this thing I downloaded PC Building Simulator. Then from there, I downloaded a couple of mods to that game, built a super-computer, and then I just played all my games on that computer, controlling them through this computer. *Banjo-Kazooie Pause Screen Intensifies* And then of course you may be wondering about the green screen “Wait a minute! You never had a green screen! What about the background!” Well, unfortunately, it was all just movie magic It kind of takes away the fantasy of it all, but it was all just post-production See, I found a stock image of an epic background and just green screened myself into it So, if you wanted the truth, here it is. But anyway, I got to get back into the GAME ZONE! *Epic music and mechanical typing noises* That’s epic you guys, I just beat Dark Souls *MLG Airhorn Sad Music* “This is the worst thing I have ever seen in my life” “UHGG” “Get it away from me, man”

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