Epic 1200$ Gaming PC Build- May 2014

hello again ladies and gentleman im your host Bronze Enigma here today and
and we are building a $1200 gaming PC now this is going to be used mainly for gaming and awesome rendering so yeah, Bobby tell us a little more about this PC basically what we’ve got here it is a
really really high end build and we are going to put all of that into this little case this is a mini ITX case which is the equivalent to a motorcycle when it comes to the vehicles of
different case sizes you can see the parts that we have today the z87 asrock itx motherboard geforce 770 graphics card this thing is a beast coarsair 600w PSU solidstate drive, RAM your memory I decided to go with a I5 4670k overclocked I got this for a pretty good price during the Amazon one day sale it was a steal at about $170 we dont have great airflow in this case so I decided to go with a hundred
twenty-millimeter Liquid cooling block on the CPU only alright, so here we go guys I guess we will hop right into the build Stick around guys, thanks for watching alrighty guys so lets hop right into this build so here we have our motherboard which is
the asrock z87 micro ITX motherboard and we’re about to drop one of the four
gigabyte sticks G skill RAM into our motherboard so here can see what we’re
doing is we are taking it and we are inserting into our motherboard here so with a light push we are able to get our RAM into the motherboard get our RAM into the motherboard and
with a little bit of wiggling this actually was a little bit a tough
to get in here but little bit of wiggling our first stick goes
really really nicely so next our second sticking here and along with the first stick it goes
just a little bit easier with a little bit less hassle and pretty easy guys so there we go looks like we got a ram in Its time for the next part witch is the proccesor we have an I5 4670k so this proccesor is a really really nice
all-around processor and the actual human nice little stuff
and but when I meaning that you can have a look at pulling the spilled and so basically this process is a real
piece and the other hand on all the games we
need all the heading Missy company my so plus package will be
dropping them into the board right about here so I’m not actually an appeal to show you
guys the applying at the coolant on the topic the
CPU by basically we still spread across the
CPU and me and when I really easily really
nicely and it should be letting us for a nice long time a generous amount of so he can see the
full the top of and we r taking a out the little rubber plastic covering and we’re
about to open up the CPU sockets we can is sir tcp/ip if he were taken at the plastic
casing and but the job that second there so very lately with not a lot of force
we just kinda said the thing roundup and should I
write back than 1i speeches about this motherboard
is that there’s plenty room for working on there’s not a lot a hassle and it’s
not a lot of arm wondering it you got it right because it
just every think they’re really really nicely and we had a really really nice
bill come together at the end of the day seek a series finishing up thing
actually be %um an excellent do our case pick up much of
the city I read I to be the case we have a.m. me Mike
you a TX case and %uh Smith Michael a master
signature khaki one it’s very very small and as he said
million in the video compared to cart like the motorcycle so here it is case
cleanup are also find announced the bottom for the bottom four screw holes so you
can put a motherboard actually into you the case he goofy we are inserting a motherboard
into the case and everything they’re really nicely you
get a little day of freedom on my screen on the bay
as being anyway every think they’re really
really nicely and Christmas feast resembled little messed
up and other than guys up up there despite sailor ministers harrison et you guys get to watch me
sort of a bar with a sparkling lawn and the water clean water I decided to
go with was be city on what happened twenty
millimeter it’s been for the radiator this fair was pretty
interesting reason I chose this one is because first dollars or sixty dollars and segmental something close Waterloo
which means when it came packaged I didn’t really have to go ahead and set
up the water fill it up and I won’t have to for years you can see the way basically happens for this water cooler lock to work is it
has a front-mounted van the latches onto the
radiator as a rental in with her now big radiator
in the back to the waters there ban basically calls the hot water that’s
ploy to that radiator in cycles the quarterback she you sea
views odds like a hot water in the tub prime so far and so forth basically decided to take off the stock fan
because I heard it was noisy and smelly a DX building that rather not have a
ruling on the field seemed like a logical decision consider entering love here
blow the case you can see on doing at this time the
brackets which you don’t see in a minute is I
have to plug in the connectors the motherboard the water cooling that
have you do need to have a connector into but I used as a mentor
you have to have it in some kinda powers the vatican cycle the water blog right now what’s going on is decided to
use a one-hander actually scratch that the 240 told
state-run I got this one because this was about a hundred ten dollars servers you know 56 per game pretty darn good stalled States the sodomy super has two
times actually know that building directly that includes up from totally cold start you I’m running
programs about five seconds that’s pretty impressive and that is
with 12 settled right now you can see a connecting say
dat after to the motherboard to bill you chica lose them set it up from the motherboard make sure
your duty primary partition is to be set your default data Ferguson 100 no down below it there was an option to mount another 2.5
inch drive probe site or you cannot the 2.5 inch drive right below where you can see the optical drive players
for setting up an eclipse underneath more usable amount on the bottom you could actually bit a 3.5 inch drives
under their and a reply quote chart the bottom on the side
I mean this case was great when it came to
men’s with that I could probably stick up to six starters and number 12 the senior Anaheim it’s better to have
loved this is just online /url cables kinda to my cable management on point trying to get set up so that
when I but are supplied her let’s go home graphics card are the next we have a GTX 772 gigabyte overclock edition in this is a beautiful
beautiful GP you CVC really do quick unboxing here and some really really nice shot to this is
made by adlai gigabyte to them with that 3 fans is that is just
too so it looks super super secular at the
end of the day articulating about other so but they got
is a gigabyte GTX 570 and Owen force so of course triple fans as it is mentioned that up
to you and a yeah just a beautiful beautiful
Jeep years ago be able to run it every day just chillax me buttery berry
berries beautiful beautiful a.m. so really
really awesome graphics gaining liars and he gets here in the installing it
this case barely fits that arm keep up this top of this case um at any time after
you build the computer you see that this is just slamming up
the SSI it’s right right on it so a few connections here are gonna be securing the sucker and and yep as basically EFD for their logistics but now a lower
opening the CPU to thank you guys watching this video is
up to this point if you have heard he escaped report on our night thanks what is being nicer really helps
me out believe that like button and %uh that’s great but this really
really was expensive build so we could be a little bit the money
when her the leave a like maybe even a common
Chang at this thing up there on the top and the searches see has missed the
final product once we get that GP UN with some very very sloppy cable
management but love it and I could be and everything
connected upright so if see that and how know where we
need this how are you supply in a into this case the better this a six-letter
lot Corsair PSU process passed by a name and is getting
less power in the whole bill this is a Bronze certified power supply
and this gonna be sliding here really really nicely and it’s a very
very tight fit at the end of the day as everything is with these micro I TX
cases I am a mini I’d hear two cases i think thats
well really it just it’s worked out really
well guys well that’s all state drive are power supply and arm GP you vicious ended up being a really really
nice building can together really well um hopefully I’ll be adding in some
benchmarks later and up some upcoming videos simply click
the subscribe button p.m. in RM and yeah so this is going to
be just kind of business on passed by an answer final little shouted Peter so here we go serious wires here it was trying to get this to
wear Tom actually gonna be able to kid in this
think it is really difficult october-december normally it’s no it’s normally difficult to put
it into this but Mike Roy TX any idea I’m is extra difficult due
to the black up a room in this super tiny cased stared at Sears to clears things up and think it’s light in here correct oh yeah look at them here we go the show’s things around in there but
term little bit overboard will be able to you show the thing barriers little bit further to get here pitch I think Tom biggest I don’t think that they actually don’t
think there’s a more Siloam their ego is gonna screw it in here and
there’s my head right there alright and guest so a picture to buy the tix
for leading me on record this build and
post-operative channel cuz it really helps me out a big shot their body wash is this thank you so much for watching this
video um please leave a like if you liked it and he didn’t like it up stimulate unlike other comments next
time I will make sure to make should make it a lot better for
you guys that’ll be no problem and yep so I guess by this time I should have
had a hundred square was a 95 today so thanks for all your
subscribers who watches the right now many guys probably saw my foreign logins
see them that wasn’t actually my best one but to is pretty good anyway guys thank you so much for watching this the
next minute to other sleepy guys were some music and
the C semifinal scrolling images the the actual bill itself look
at an overview and her children on on Lewis

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