What if you could escape reality
and go for a ride in a unique world? A world where reality can be played with and where the laws of physics can be engineered. In this world you are free to use your imagination to create innovative tools. Tools that can help others step to new heights and make a giant leap forward while learning to connect with others and collaborate in teams. You can explore everything that makes you curious and discover what makes us who we are. Go further into the infinitely small or towards the vastness of the infinitely big. You can take on human challenges here on Earth and design solutions for a sustainable future using cutting-edge methods for learning. In this world, you have plenty of options and many different paths to enhance your skills. You can connect online to study whatever you want, wherever you want, and stop whenever you want to explore your interests. You can exercise in a relaxing environment and engage in a rich social life of a whole community. All of this can happen at one campus. Although it may sound like a virtual utopia, this world is actually real and it’s happening now so come and check it out!

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