Electrical and Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech

[beeping] Sergio: When I was a kid,
I had this radio with a robot face,
and I decided to take it apart just to see what was inside. And I found out how
cassettes worked at that time. I found out
what a resistance was. I found out
what a capacitor was. And ever since,
since that point, I said I want
to become an engineer. [electronic theme music] Ayanna Howard: The reason
why a student should major in electrical
or computer engineering is because it really allows
you to develop the skills necessary to create
wonderful technology and understand how it works. Electrical computer engineering
is the conduit to everything, especially in robotics. So an electrical engineer
can design, do the circuitry, and even program. [theme music] Raheem Beyah:
Computer engineering is fun because it’s really
the foundation of all of the amazing gadgets
that we use today. So the video game systems
that we use, the tablets that we use,
the smartphones— all of these different
components are created by computer engineers. [theme music] Rick: We’ve got one of the best
electrical and computer engineering programs
in the country. And you get a lot
of hands-on experience, all kinds of labs where you
can sit down and see that the theory actually works,
most of the time. So you can get in
lots of interesting courses that will help you channel
your interests to a particular portion of the very broad
field that is, in fact, ECE. Stephen Ralph: At Georgia Tech,
we have one of the largest schools of electrical
and computer engineering in the United States. We have faculty and students
and researchers who look at everything
from energy technologies to cellphone technologies,
solar technologies, medical imaging technologies, software that holds all these
systems together and make them run
more efficiently. So if you’re certain you know
exactly what you want to do, we’re the place to be. If you’re not exactly certain,
we’re still the place to be because of the wide choices
that you have available. [theme music] Howard: Robotics right now
is where the Internet used to be back in the late ‘80s.
So that means we’re at the cusp. You’re seeing a lot of job
opportunities in robotics. You’re seeing a lot of startup
opportunities in robotics. And of course,
government is starting to put a lot of money in robotics. Beyah: The beauty of actually
having a degree in CompE is that our curriculum is such
that you spend a lot of time doing hardware,
but you also spend time doing software. So once you finish
with your degree, then you’re highly sought after
by hardware companies and also software companies. [theme music] Jessica: The good thing
about engineering is that, even though you’re majoring
in one type of specific engineering,
you get to cross-collaborate with tons of different people
and you can still explore your interests in other areas. Beyah: Students coming
into Georgia Tech, certainly we expect them
to have a very strong mathematics background
and science background, and also interest
in those areas, but in addition to those things,
it takes a creative mind to solve today’s
engineering problems. Eduardo: One thing
I’ve realized is that, when you get into engineering,
nothing ever works. That’s why you’re an engineer. You’re given problems
that nobody knows how to solve. Sergio: The coolest thing
about being an engineer is every single day,
regardless if it’s hardware or software,
I’m designing things. And I get to see what I created
at the end of the day. Ralph: If you have that
burning desire that you think you could make things
that are new and different than you’ve ever seen before,
building on things that other people have put together,
I think then maybe Georgia Tech is a good place
for you to be. [theme music]

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  1. "robotics right now is where internet was in the 80s" that's the coolest and most exciting thing i have ever heard

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