Dolidroid, the Android front-end for Dolibarr ERP & CRM

DoliDroid brings the Dolibarr ERP and CRM
application to your Android device. The app is compatible with
Dolibarr version 10.0 and above. Once you’re logged in, the dashboard is
presented just like it is on the web version. All features available in the web version of Dolibarr, even those provided by unofficial addons, are part of the mobile app as well. Note that some static resources Dolibarr have, like images, are also embedded with DoliDroid, and can be used to save you a lot of bandwith. You can access the menu by tapping on the appropriate icon from the top bar.
For example, to create a new third-party, tap on the third parties menu option,
and choose new third party. Use the search option to look for
specific information. You’ll find the same search fields as
the ones available in the desktop version. Like in the web version, the view is
spread out into tabs, to present the information in an
efficient and effective manner. The mobile application makes it easy to
download and view critical documents, such as invoices and receipts on your
mobile device. Additional menu options are available.
Once you’re done with your current session, note that the app saves your URL and
account information. This means that you can have a smooth
login experience the next time around without having to re-enter any information. DoliDroid is available on Google Play. Grab the app today and make
Business management a breeze!

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