DIY Nintendo Switch Gaming Desk + Setup!

(can rattles) (spray can noise) – Whoo Don’t inhale paint, kids. Yo guys, Jonathan here. It is no secret, I love
desks, I love setups, but this one in particular
next to me is beautiful. The gray mixed with the
custom blue and red drawers look amazing and
shout-out to my boy Etika, because this is clearly– – Joy-Con boys. – Inspired. Now the goal in mind
was to not only to create the perfect setup where you could
dock and play your Switch, but to actually switch
between the Nintendo Switch, the NES Classic and a
fully-functioning computer. So the centerpiece of the setup
is the Alex desk from Ikea, which is one of my
favorite desks of all time. I will admit, it does hold a special place in my tech heart because it pays tribute all the way back to the
original dream desk. That was showcased in
white, this of course, is in gray, but what’s
awesome is back then it was priced at around 170 bucks and now it has dropped
all the way down to 130. Something you’re not gonna
find at Ikea, however, are those super sweet
custome blue and red drawers, which when paired to the gray, the desk looks incredible next to the Switch. So the process behind this
really wasn’t too crazy, we pulled the drawers out
and from there spray painted them with a two in one
primer spray paint combo. (simple music) Now if you’re wondering what kind of paint we used, and no this is not a sponsor. So much in fact, I gotta look down to see what these are called. We got a little Rust-Oleum
painters touch action in Satin Poppy Red
and Satin Oasis Blue. Now I’m not gonna lie, the end result came way better than I
ever could’ve hoped for. The drawers are vibrant, they pop and really make the desk look like they were meant for the Switch. Now hands down, one of the
best things about this desk is the integrated cable management. Because without it, this would look like a rat’s nest paradise. This setup in particular was
a little more complicated that most, simply because
there were multiple devices going into a single monitor. You pair that with the
speakers and heightened cables became a little tricky, but the end result was pretty fantastic. Now the magic behind this setup is located in the blue drawer behind me. Inside there is a Kinivo HDMI switcher, and what this is gonna allow us to do is jump back and forth between the Switch, the NES Classic and a
super tiny Intel NUC, which is a crazy valued mini PC, which comes in under 300 bucks. Now unfortunately, both
the Nintendo Switch and the NES Classic are
pretty much impossible to find right now, but
if you need to have one right now, post a couple links down below where you can scoop one up if
you don’t mind paying markup. So what I have the Switch,
NES Classic and the NUC going into is a Samsung
CFG70, which is a pretty bad-ass 27 inch curved gaming monitor. So funny enough, during the infancy stages of this setup, I actually
posted a teaser on Instagram with a 23 inch Acer monitor. That’s actually much
cheaper, around 100 bucks, but I got a ton of requests
to go for a bigger monitor, so that’s why I ended up
going the Samsung route, but if you don’t need anything as robust or maybe you like the smaller for factor, the Acer is a great alternative. Now as far as the speakers goes, I’m using the Bose Companion 5, and these have also kinda
turned into a secret trick of the setup, so to speak. What I love about this speaker is the fact that they come with a super
handy volume controllers. I was actually able to mount
it underneath the desk, which makes it easy to
access and also hides it, keeping the setup clean and tidy. So rounding out the setup
across the rest of the desk, I have some classic fake Ikea greenery, followed by this super
cool, solar blaze Mega Man from Pixel Pals, it
actually lights up, like so. Amazing. Popping this guy back on the
desk with the no look action, on the other side of the desk
is the Breath of the Wild Zelda amiibo. Next to that is not super
necessary for this setup, but I just really loved
how the blue matched the Nintendo Switch theme. This is the Bose Sound
Link in Aquatic Blue. These come in a few different colors and while they’re not the
ideal setup for a desk, they do make a fantastic
portable Bluetooth speaker. Lastly, as far as the
keyboard and mouse go, this is actually a really
good deal from Jelly Comb. It’s both the mouse and
the keyboard as a pair for 30 freaking bucks. Before I forget though,
because I know someone’s gonna yell at me if I don’t talk about it, the artwork above me is a
Super Mario Banksy canvas that I found on Amazon and
I’ll make sure to post a link to it and everything we
talked about down below. Aside from that, hopefully
you enjoyed the video. If you did and you are
feeling like being awesome, make sure to smash that like button, and if you haven’t caught it yet, there’s still a chance to win
a brand new Nintendo Switch, which you can check out here. Also, my buddy Kevin Kenson
may have figured a way to get wireless charging
on the Nintendo Switch, that is here. This is Johnathan, and I
will catch you guys later. (beep) Reach for the sky. The double-flip. Poosh! Jon’s dead!

100 thoughts on “DIY Nintendo Switch Gaming Desk + Setup!

  1. DIY Custom Nintendo Switch Gaming Desk! 😍😍😍

    BTW – Who caught the latest video? Put the LG G6 through some 💧💦☔️ –>

  2. Just wondering how many people are playing there Switch at a desk on a monitor? I play mine at a couch on a 4k tv, laying in a bed portably, or of course while pushing last nights dinner out of my ass. 😁

  3. I love all the desk setups you build they are sexy af but then at the same time i dont because it makes me wish my setup was that sexy

  4. I have the Alex desk and it is awesome! The cable management is seriously functional and keeps everything super clean.

  5. I have a question is, if you have a monitor with no 3.5mm jack audio, how do I put speakers such as chromecast or switch or ps4?

  6. Hey guys. Today, I’m going to show you the only way to play the Nintendo switch. Step one is tearing these drawers off of this cheap desk. Go ahead and put some random spray paint on there and jam those back in. That’ll be nice for storing a rats nest of cords instead of actual cable management. Next, your going to want to find random garbage around your house to throw on the desk. This Bluetooth speaker doesn’t have anything to do with the switch, so it’s perfect because it’s blue. Just throw that there. Don’t forget that this isn’t actually just for a switch, so we’re going to add an NES classic and a cheap mini pc that only plays solitaire. Looks about right. Well guys, thanks for joining me. Look out for my free 100 vbux giveaway. You just need to like, subscribe, turn on notifications, follow me on Twitter, leave a comment, send me a letter, and give me your credit card info. Cool thanks guys. And don’t forget the unnecessary emojis.


    Hooray for original content. We’ve killed creativity!

  7. Playing my switch on a monitor was the best idea I ever had. Trust me guys if you can, do it. The colours are amazing!!!

  8. I can find a single place that doesn't have NES Classic or the Switch. I got mine from EB Games (not sure if that's just Canadian hehe)

  9. I just designed my setup with my xbox, pc, and switch, to be honest it’s so sick to be able to switch so easily between all of them.

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