DIY Med Gaming PC – Assembly guide – Build your own PC

Hello! In this video i’ll show you how to assemble a personal computer from zero ( no HDD
installed) A guide for beginners let’s start As you can see The power supply will be at the bottom side Remove the 4 outside screws and both case covers Ok
now we mount the power supply, down here i have a Segotep GTR 550 Fit it in the case with 4 outside screws ( provided with the case) The case is new, and the screws barely enters This is how it should look Those holes in the case, are designed for cable management Let’s mount the CPU in the motherboard Here i have the motherboard i’ll remove this CPU cover Open the socket Here is the CPU, I5 – 4460 You can see, there’s a mark here, also found on the cpu, guide position marks Mount the Cpu and close socket Now we’ll mount the CPU cooler To mount the motherboard complete in the case, or it will be difficult to mount them later. This one is new, with thermal compound applied. You must push and rotate in the arrow directions [Somebody is cutting a tree outside] This is it, don’t forget to connect the cooler. Now, let’s mount the motherboard. This is the shield; must fit perfectly here, or you can mount it before the mobo. Check the other side too be sure that is perfectly fitted. Now mount the screws provided. You have a manual, so, you can see where
every connector belongs – connectors and mobo pins are marked, too. You can take a look
Example Connectors used in this case It’s time to mount the GPU
(EVGA GTX970) Here, we must remove the metal covers
for the GPU output ( 2 must be removed) Fix the GPU on the case with 1-2 screws. Now, let’s mount the memory module ( 1 x 8Gb DDR3 1600 MHz) Open ports and push inside. Lets do some cable management Use plastic strips to fix the PSU cables on
the case, for a better cable management This is how it should look like Mount the case cover and the screws. Connect the 24 pins cable to motherboard Connect the 4 pins cable to motherboard and conenct the GPU PCI-EX supply ( 2 x 6 connectors) And that’s it! Mount the 2nd cover and screws And this is our PC ! Here we can see the specs ( in BIOS) All runs perfectly. Thanks for watching!

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