DIY ESP WiFi Dash Button | Open-Source IoT Dash Button with IFTTT | PCBWay

Hi guys. I’m Irem from Mert Arduino Team. I will be with you in many videos from now on. In this video, we will build open-source Esp dash button for you. In this project we will build an ESP Wi-Fi Button that can trigger any home automation event. This is like a remote control that you can take in your pocket or place anywhere that when pressed sends out an email. The Wi-Fi button is not a new idea. Dash button is a small button that instantly orders a product to your home. Since the ESP boards are so inexpensive, we can make a similar project that works like the Dash button. Instead of ordering a product we can turn on a light, share a post on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, trigger an email notification and much more, as you’re going to see by the end of this project. For this project we’re going to use a free service called IFTTT that stands for If This Than That. This service is used to automate a wide variety of tasks online. In this case, we will send an email, faceook and twitter post when the ESP pushbutton is pressed. In this project, we use Wifi-Manager library. WiFiManager allows you to connect your ESP8266 to different Access Points (AP) without having to hard-code and upload new code to your board. We have built “Arduino Project Board” before. You remember we have ordered our PCB from PCBWay In this project, we have choosen PCBWay. They become the sponsor of his project. PCBWay is the only way to make this project happen a very low cost and high quality. We also used SMD components. So we ordered double-side stencil. (Music) For this project we’re going to use a free service called IFTTT that stands for If This Than That. Type in your browser and click the “Get started” button in the middle of the page. Complete the form with your details and create your account. In the website, Open the “My Applets” tab, press the create “New Applet” button. Click the “This” word and search for the “Webhooks” service. Music You need to type in the event name button_pressed. Music Now press the “That” word and search for the Gmail service or any other services like facebook, twitter and instagram If it’s the first time using the Gmail service with IFTTT, a new window opens and you’ll have to grant access, so IFTTT can send out emails through your account. Choose the “Send email” option, you can customize the subject and body of the email. Finally press the “Create action” button. You should have your Applet created after clicking “Finish”

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