Difference between Software Developer and Software Engineer?

– So what’s the difference between a software engineer and
a software developer, between a coder and a computer programmer? I’m gonna talk about that in today video. (energetic music) Welcome back my name is Tim Buchalka, and this is another
programming tip of the day, and the video is all about
determining the differences between these terms, we’ve got a software engineer, we’ve got a software programmer, we’ve got a computer
programmer, we’ve got a coder. So what are the differences between these? Are these different jobs? Or of they all sort of
end up being the same? Well firstly keep in mind
that there’s really no one standard way, of
dealing with these terms. In other words, when you get
into industry you’ll find that, you might find a programming
job that has different titles, but is essentially the same position. But in general what I’ll do,
is I’ll start of by talking about what I believe the fundamental differences are between them. Starting it off with coder. Now generally a coder would
be somebody who is starting out in the industry, and are
perhaps new to programming, and this would be someone
who’s got the absolute basics, of programming, and
perhaps have done a course, done some training, and it’s
their first programming job. So it could be like a coder,
would be a common name for that position, of junior programmer. So they’re not really
involved in any design, they’re usually given their work, and they’ve got a specific
part of an application, or a specific sort of
scope of responsibilities, which relate to programming something. Now as you progress up, you become a, computer programmer or software developer, those terms generally, it’s
still talking abour programming, but I would say that they would be more advanced programmers. So someone with more experience, someone who knows a bit more, has been working in the
field for a few more years. Very common to see a job
with either of these terms, computer programmer, software developer. Now getting back to, or
getting to software engineer, or software engineering in general, this can be classified more
as the design side of things. In other words, you’re
not just programming, you haven’t got design
coming to you with a design, and saying programme this, you’re more of an architect,
so you’re designing, you’re putting some work into designing the application as well. So software engineer can
be involved in that process or architecting, designing the programme, and figuring out what
functionalities going to be in there, perhaps really coming
up with the blueprint. And the analogy there would be
a software engineer could be, something like an architect. So an architect builds a plan for a house, so that would be the software engineer, and the architect then gives the designs, the blueprints if you will, for a house to a builder,
the builder would be the computer programmer
of software developer. So in general that’s what those terms, and the difference are, but in practise, you find
there’s a lot of overlap. For example a software engineer, will often be a coder as well, they’ll often be a software developer. So not only do they design applications, but they’ll actually be
building the applications, writing the code themselves. (coughs) Excuse me. Also you’ll find that, there’s actually a role also
for a software architect. So a software architect is
someone who specialises in architecting applications. So the point of all this
is there’s a lot of overlap between these terms, not
everyone out there agrees, there’s no really one way of categorising, what the various roles are. In general you’ll find
that there’s a lot of blurring of the lines
between these positions, but if you keep in mind
what I’ve talked about, the principal changes or
differences I should say, between these roles, that’ll
give you a good general idea of what the industry looks
at in terms of these roles, and what each role ultimately does. So I hope that helps today. Alrighty so I hope that helped, if you’ve got any questions
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  1. Tim believe me i was waiting for your next tip of the day just for asking you the difference between software developer and engineer and what I got you comes up with this video this time you really amazed me…

  2. Good video, thanks! I'm working to change careers from finance/accounting to program development and these videos help me shape the objective in my mind.

  3. Great explanations, Tim! I really like those short videos. #softwaredevelopment #newcareer #newskills #coding

  4. Thank you for this you just helped me a lot for my major of computer science I’m gonna love software engineering cause it’s kinda best of both worlds with computer hardware which I love too

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  6. In reality, there shouldn't be any difference between these two. Code, on the other hand, is a bit different. A Code is the person that focuses on writing code without considering many of the underlying principles and would most like lack a Computer Science background. However, this is something every engineer needs to know and I talk briefly about this in my video: https://youtu.be/YspXT_d2iT4

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