Desktop computer vs Laptop computer | Comparisons

When deciding between purchasing a desktop computer or a laptop computer You’ll need to consider a handful of criteria and make a determination that fits your needs the best Before the start of video we will request you don’t forget click the subscribe button and hit the bell icon You There is a wide variety of component options available for desktops Allowing for a large range of prices, but the starting point is relatively cheap Desktops can start as low as 400 US dollars for a full package computer monitor and still be a pretty powerful system Laptops can have a fairly wide variety of component options, but they are more limited than desktops To get a more powerful laptop higher speed better graphics more storage space etc The price can be considerably higher ranging up to 1,500 u.s.. Dollars or more depending on the brand Desktops are large in size and have a separate monitor while it’s possible to take a desktop from place to place It’s cumbersome and not a choice for portability They are designed to be used in a single location and not moved around much if at all Laptops are very portable due to their compact size They were designed to be taken from place to place Carried in a backpack or laptop carrying case. They are great for on-the-go use Desktop processes are a little bit larger in size But this also means the desktop processors can be more powerful than laptop processors new Advanced processes on the market are typically available in desktop computers first Laptop processors have nearly caught up to desktop processors But are still limited when compared to desktop processors gaming laptops can have an equal performance But have a much higher price Desktops are capable of using high-powered video cards that have higher power Requirements and require better heat reduction and dissipation due to the space in a desktop and the capability of using 1,000 watt power supplies Virtually any video card could be used in a desktop Including two or more video cards at the same time Physical space is limited in a laptop Which can limit the graphics capabilities while higher-end laptops can provide better than average graphics for gaming and CAD based? Applications the heat reduction and dissipation is limited by the space in the laptop case power is also limited Which doesn’t allow for video cards needing those higher amounts of wattage to run Desktop monitors can be 15 inches or larger it is even possible to hook up a desktop to a TV So screen sizes could be as large as a TV This provides for great flexibility on what the desktop is used for and in what environment? Since portability is a big feature of laptops Smaller screen sizes are necessary and screen sizes typically range from 10 inches to 17 inches However a laptop can still be connected to an external display and support any size of monitor screen or projector Most components in a desktop are easily removable Making it easier to upgrade and since desktop cases are usually much bigger. They’re easier to work in when doing any upgrading? Memory and hard drive are about the only components that can be upgraded in a laptop The remaining components are either built-in and not removable the laptop is not designed to work With an upgraded version of a component a need to upgrade anything other than the hard drive and memory usually requires a new laptop Setting up a desktop takes a bit of extra work to hook everything up start it up and begin to use It also requires more space to set up while it’s not difficult to connect everything together It is still more cumbersome than a laptop So built to be easier to use requiring little time to get running Take it out of the box plug it in and press the power button within minutes the laptop is ready to use You

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