16 thoughts on “Dell XPS 27 7760 review: Awesome VR-ready all-in-one PC

  1. from all the AIOS revealed at CES 2017 HP's was the best and most beautiful imo that curved screen resting on a speaker stand with integrated wireless chargers! This, the dell's one is…meh..

  2. Hey guys. Loved the video. Any chance you can cover the Dell Ultrathin USB-C monitor? There's NO good reviews out for it, and I finding it really appealing.

  3. IMO the Inspiron 27 seems to be a better system overall, if you dont care about the speakers or TB3, the Inspiron 27 offers up to 8-cores, SSD+HDD, RX 580 8GB and a 4k(non-touch) screen all for a cheaper price.


    Unfortunately Dell has locked down all upgrade options for both systems so you cant pick and choose the things you want.

  4. Very compelling, I play games but mainly MMO's, is consider them light gaming since I can play them with my several years old Dell XPS desktop. I'm pleased with Dell, they make good stuff. Having a giant gaming rig in my office with crazy lights doesn't sit well with the wife, I'd like to get an AIO, maybe this or the Lenovo one, that's actually upgradable.

  5. I see that dell pushed a thunderbolt firmware update… Has this enabled egpu? Ready to pull the trigger, but only if I can run an egpu when the internal isn't up to snuff

  6. I can't seem to find any information about the dell xps 27 7760's screen. Does anyone know whats the screen's refresh rate (hertz)? What about the screen's response time (gray to gray)?

  7. I just bought the xps 7760 16gb solid state drive and I will set it up this weekend.on one review one person said it took him 4 hours to download Windows 10.Shouldnt it have Windows 10 pre installed? Like your show

  8. Is there some way to use the screen as a monitor for my surveillance system, via HDMI or something?

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