Dell Laptop Battery Drains When Shut Down [Windows 10]

Hi friends, here I am going to show you how to solve battery draining problem in your laptop. I have experienced this weird problem with my Dell Vostro running in Windows 10 operating system. After charging fully in the night, I turned it off; and in the morning it was not turning on without plugging in. The battery has drained zero percent when it was completely shut down. I have tried many solutions but only the simple method really helped me, which I am going to show you here. It is very simple. What you have to do is to uninstall three programs that are provided by Intel Corporation Here we go. Search control in search box. Click on control panel. Click uninstall a program under Programs. Here you can find total four softwares by Intel Corporation The first one is Intel Management Engine Components. Then you can see Intel Graphics Driver. Next one Intel Rapid Storage Technology. And you can find one more, Intel Security Assist, which I have already uninstalled, so it is not shown here. Please uninstall three of these programs except Graphics Driver. Don’t worry. You will not face any problem after uninstalling. First, I am going to uninstall this one, Management Engine Components. Right click on it. Click Uninstall. And complete the uninstalling process Now uninstall this one, Rapid Storage Technology. Go ahead until it is complete. You have to uninstall one more, Intel Security Assist. I have uninstalled it earlier. Uninstall that too. That is it. Now after a restart your battery will work very smoothly. Try this one hundred percent working solution and let us know your experience. Thank you for watching. Subscribe our channel if you like it

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