Day in the Life of a Software Engineer (New York City)

so I’ve been working as a software
engineer for the past five months now and I got this job right after
graduating from college so I’m here in New York City, and if you’re wondering why I can work from home, it’s because the work I do is largely project-based and my team is spread out all over the United States so we get all our calls
and meetings done online so pretty much I could work from anywhere but my company does have an office in the city and I’m actually gonna head there right
now so about two months ago I made an apartment tour video of my place in Hell’s Kitchen and just recently it blew up and getting a ton of comments but a lot of hate comments and people are saying that
I should have moved to the Bronx or Brooklyn and save a lot of money but I don’t know I really like living Manhattan especially having a boosted
board and having to commute where I’m able to go through the heart of the city I don’t know maybe it’s just cuz I’m new to New York but I really like this so I live on 9th Avenue which is the
west side of Manhattan and my work is in the east side of Manhattan which is in Park Avenue So it’s about four or five avenues away and that’s about a 25 minute walk but with a boosted board I get to work in like less than five minutes so I work back there that’s Park
Avenue but right now I’m gonna get some lunch, bring the food to my office, and
eat over there so I’m here work I’m gonna put the vlog
away because I don’t know if I can film in there, I might get in trouble and I’ll see you guys at five o’clock so the time right now is 5:30 I just got off work right now I’m heading home and I got a few more stuff to do today so this is my first job out of college I graduated in May, I was class of 2019 and I got this job and they wanted me to start literally two weeks after commencement so right after graduating I drove down from Boston to New York and I started my career so I work 40 hours a week full-time as a front end software developer and what a front end and software developer does is that they code everything that you see in the front end of a website or an application so it’s almost six o’clock and I got a little more work to do other than working full-time as a software developer I also freelance a good amount as a
photographer and a videographer so other day I shot a engagement photo
shoot and I need to edit those photos and videos and send it back to my clients so I’m gonna pack up my stuff and go to a nearby coffee shop or a boba shop and continue my work from over there so i’ve been freelancing as a photographer and videographer for maybe like five years now ever since I got to college and I’m really making a point to do it a lot here in Manhattan because you know
everything is super expensive so for example, this weekend I have a wedding to shoot and I’m really trying to make it a point to aim to make as much money as rent is off of freelancing alone and that way my actual salary can be used for savings and just for other things so one of the coolest things about this
job and about working remotely, is that since my team is all remote and that everyone that I need to report to is online I could take my laptops and pretty much go to different cities and just work from there so I found my editing station for
the next two hours I’m gonna be in here so usually I go to the gym at this time but instead I’m just gonna eat and finish my edits what’s up guys it’s my friend Elliot he’s here for like two days for conference and he’s staying like super
near me I think he only hangs out with me because I have a boosted board so we’re on our way to Times Square and
elliot wants to shoot something for his video so we’re about to go we got our cameras and our boards looking like full-time YouTube vloggers that’s how you go 20 mph on a skateboard alright guys thank you for watching today’s day in the life of a software engineer hope you guys enjoyed this video it’s now 1 am and- alright guys thanks for
watching today’s day in the life it’s now 1 a.m. and we’re in Times Square we just wrapped up our photos and videos so hope you guys enjoy this video like, comment, subscribe and I’ll see you guys next week

41 thoughts on “Day in the Life of a Software Engineer (New York City)

  1. thanks for watching! I know i didn't really show what i did in the office, but all I do is just sit in my desk in front of my laptops and code all day. No physical meetings or anything because my team is all online!

    Drop a like and subscribe for more NYC vlogs 🙂

  2. Dope video man! I'm a fulltime videographer/photographer from MN, definitely need to make it out to New York & shoot something! dope content too btw. has all my work and stuff too.

  3. I am a full stack developer. This is not a typical software developer every days life. Good video though👍Should change title to "Day in the life of Youtuber in NY"

  4. Forget the other boroughs you're doing it right man. Live where you want and get you deserve. I would suggest one thing…that you get a new pan for cooking because it looks like you scraped the coating off of it and that can be a bit of a health issue.

  5. very cool video. I was scrolling through youtube and I saw this. Great video and channel. I am going to school for IT right now as a freshman. I am going for cyber security cool to see people making a change in this world.

  6. how the fuck is this a day in the life of a software engineer? you must be brain damaged so badly that they hired you out of pity.

  7. Great video, i've had the same dream of being a programmer in NYC. Quick question, do you need to be making 6 digits to be fine in NYC.

  8. I don’t think I’ve ever worked only 40 hours a week in my life even when I worked Front End must be nice. Now I troubleshoot middleware on a project basis which makes my hours even crazier than they used to be.

  9. MAN!! ima your new subscribe i need some kinda help , i mean you said i got job after college so it mean you didn't go to university and if you didn't go to uni than how you learn coding… and does a degree value for software engineering job there..

  10. I'm also a Software Engineer in NYC! too bad I live in a tiny studio and ain' t living the amazing life like you are. I WFH all the time because I get lazy to go to work LOL

  11. No code, no stackoverflow. Just some cool stuff going on. I hope y'all know that it's not how our life looks like.( As developers)

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