Data Science Hands on with Open source Tools – Exporting & Cloning the Seahorse Example

Welcome to exporting and cloning the Seahorse
examples on Data Scientist Workbench! You can Export and/or Clone the examples on
display when on the Seahorse page. To do this, just click the example; you’ll
see gears display while the example loads. Then click the loaded example (which will
appear in bold). Let’s explore what options are available on
this page: Click the first button to export the workflow. On the window that opens, just click Download
Workflow. The example downloads to your default Downloads
folder (as a .json file). To open .json files you can use a text or
code editor, an example of such an editor is UltraEdit. Back on the DSWB, click as shown here… And clicking the run button which is 5th from
the left. When you do this, you’ll be able to edit the
nodes. Clicking one of them, displays the dataframe
information on the right panel. Try clicking some of the other nodes to see
the dataframe information To start editing, click the 3rd button. This starts the Apache Spark application. Please note that it might take 60 seconds
or so to load. Now you can edit some of the values shown
on the dataframe on the right panel And finally, you can use the buttons at the
bottom to zoom in or out, as well as move, or fit all the nodes to the visible area. The 4th button clears the values; when you
click on it, you’ll have the option to confirm or cancel the action. If you clear them, the chart disappears. You can click the last button to view the
documentation for the example. This brings us to the end of this video. We encourage you to practice the things you’ve
seen here. Thanks for watching!

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