is it rolling mhm hey guys um it’s tony tornado sorry just don’t feel good um what i did the other day was stupid i know it was pretty fucking dumb idiot okay i’m trying to say something can you stop talking with your remarks stop ive literally guys ive been so depressed and so upset and i finally got up out of bed and i thought to myself you know what maybe if i get up one time and just try to do everything the right way again maybe it you know maybe things will go my way and nothing happened i went to go turn the computer on now there is some kind of error with my computer and it’s broken yeah i know it’s broken now samantha stop ok i’m trying to say something i’ve been under a lot of stress ok guys i’ve been under a lot of stress a lot of bad stuff i just been very depressed im sorry my face is so itchy right now i think it’s the dog dandruff or dander oh god my nose is itching crazy i just guys i snapped i’ve had it like i literally just went over the edge the other day i’m sorry i really am and now i have no computer that’s your dumb fault i know it’s my dumb fault okay now i don’t know what to do should i buy a new computer or should i just not buy one at all or should i use your computer that’s not an option why not because i’m doing stuff on my computer i need my computer like almost everyday well see you already know this to mantha like i have other jobs online so i haven’t been able to work at all for the last like two days now well and the longer i don’t have a computer the more this is gonna happen so well you might just have to get a new one well actually not might you just going to have to get a new one cause you are working and everything else i don’t know if i can afford a new one that’s the thing i like i snapped well that’s your mistake i know but i snapped to the point where i literally couldn’t take it i was so mad because i just literally in all honestly i feel like this wasn’t my fault i feel like me smashing it is my fault i should have worded that differently me smashing it is my fault and me getting as mad as i did is all my fault but it’s other people to blame for the condition it was in before that i’ve done everything i could to take care of my stuff all the time and someone always has to come around and fucking destroy it and it makes me so mad yeah cause they got on your computer and didn’t even tell you that they were getting on it and fucking downloaded some virus shit on there or whatever it was no they downloaded a bunch of anime stuff off of this one website and it’s literally like full of trojans yeah that’s what i meant yeah so when you download it it’s attached to the video file so then your screwed and then once it’s in the computer it’s like stuck there and i tried to run software and i ran the anti virus but it was just it was to new i guess i don’t know sometimes when you have to new of anti virus sometimes it doesn’t work on slightly older computers that wasn’t an old computer by any means it was only like 3 years old or something yeah it wasn’t that old so i don’t know mantha oh god this been a hard couple of weeks month a life i just wonder when is it gonna get easier when is this gonna stop ya know yeah when is this gonna stop i don’t know when i’m i gonna stop having to fucking put out thousands of dollars for things when is when an idiot stop doing bullshit to your life like the dumb asses that got on your computer without you knowing it because if they didn’t do that you probably would still have a working computer for years yeah i don’t know just cause some fucking assholes i don’t know mantha all i wanted to say to everybody was i’m sorry for the way i acted and now i have to pay the price for it because i destroyed my gaming computer the thing was not cheap as most of you watching this video will know it’s not a cheap computer the thing was like over a thousand dollars i just lost it i fucking snapped i lost it and i couldn’t control myself i don’t know i don’t know mantha i don’t know mhm well anyway i’m just lost in my thoughts here so guys i’m sorry i really am i have a huge throbbing headache even still couldn’t even speak like the next day after i did it my voice was just so sore i just everyone to understand that i’m under a lot of stress and a lot of pressure and a lot and it’s just to much and i can’t take it so i would like to see some nice comments down below maybe maybe i can get on there and read some nice comments that would be nice so ok guys my names tony tornado and i can’t even say it i love my subscribers

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