Contributing to open source project

Contributing to the PrestaShop project What is Open Source ? PrestaShop is an Open Source software. To you, this mainly means that you can have
access to the source, and download it for free in order to run it anywhere you want. But Open Source is much more than that: it’s
a way of thinking and producing software. Open Source is a close cousin the Free Software,
which can be best described with the famous saying “free as in speech, not as in beer”:
Free Software is important because it relies on distribution licences which give important
rights to the user. Most Free/Open Source licences allow people
to use, study, modify, and distribute the software without having to ask for permission
from its publisher. So this is great! Everyone wins! But an Open Source project can only be healthy
if it has contributors, either paid or volunteers. By contributing to the PrestaShop project,
you get a chance to give back not with money, but with time and knowledge. Because we want to be sure that your contributions
are quickly understood and taken into account by our team, we’ve decided to create this
little video, with tips and guidelines on how to contribute. Are you in? Contributing with code Having the community suggesting enhancements
and submitting bugfixes is at the heart of any Open Source project. PrestaShop’s codebase is available to anyone
on GitHub, at this address. As a web developer, you too can submit code
through pull requests. This assumes that you not only have a good
knowledge of PHP/MySQL, but also that you know how to use Git and GitHub. We have written a whole page to help you contribute
code to PrestaShop! Currently, the Core team works on two versions
of PrestaShop. Version 1.7 is the latest version, and where
we build the future of PrestaShop. You can read more about what the team is doing
on the Build devblog.
Version 1.6 is the legacy version, and is in being maintained with bugfixes until October
2018. Contributing with bug reports Yep. You know it, we know it, every single software
user or developer knows it: software have bugs. There’s always a situation when not everything
works the way it should. Indeed, the PrestaShop team has a Quality
Assurance crew, people dedicated to testing every changes and modifications, and they
do a great job at that. Still, PrestaShop is a huge and long-standing
codebase, and with more than 260.000 active stores, PrestaShop users are bound to find
issues here and there. Our QA team NEEDS you to report these issues
to them, so that they can double-check them and tell the developers how to reproduce them,
and thus fix them. Everything happens in our bug-tracker, named
“the Forge”. Create an account there, and you are ready
to report issues! Here’s a complete guide on how to use the
Forge to report bugs. And remember: Details! Version number! Default settings! ! Contributing with documentation Just like PrestaShop itself, its documentation
site (and its content) is open to everyone for suggestions, ideas and modifications! The documentation website is actually a wiki,
so all you need is an account. The documentation needs:
Proofreaders. Mistakes happen! When pages of pages of documentation are being
written, there is always a possibility that a typo might be typed, a word forgotten, or
a homonym used when it should not be. Translators. We are always glad to welcome new translators
for languages that are lacking documentation – especially the ones in which the main
site is translated: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Portuguese. Writers. If you feel the current documentation lacks
pages on a specific topic… Well, here’s your chance! Do you feel up for it? Contact us at [email protected] That’s all for now! We’ll stop here, even though there are many
more things to say about contributing to PrestaShop, and Free Software in general. See you in another video!

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