Computer Science

Computer science focuses on the programming of the computer So you’re telling the computer “these are the steps you’re going to do to achieve this end result.” Computer science is a very energetic and fast-growing area. With a computer science degree, the options are unlimited because every place you go, you will see the applications of computing. We actually have a lot of people working for companies like Amazon HP, Tyson. They not only will come in and talk to us about their jobs But they’ll also come in and recruit. I interned with Walmart this past summer and I got a full-time offer. So I plan to go there after college. We try out best to help the students and one-on-one is one of the advantages the students have the care the professsors take to make sure that the full spectrum is taught to not just the advanced students, but also the students who come in never having programmed before but thinking, “hey this is something I might be interested in.” It’s hard. It’s a challenge, but you learn so much. Being able to learn and solve problems I think that’s the most important thing. Technology changes so fast You have to be able to adapt and learn quickly. There’s always professors you can always email them and be like “I really need help on this problem; I really don’t understand.” and they’ll make an appointment with you and you can come in and just ask all the questions that you’d like. No matter what you decide to do with a computer science degree afterwards, having that knowledge of how a computer works will greatly, vastly improve your ability to do whatever it is you want to do.

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