Computer Science Matters

So what grade are you in? Second. Tenth grade.
First grade. I was in eighth grade when I learned to program. I got my first computer
when I was in sixth grade. What gets me excited is being able to fix people’s problems. You
can express yourself. You can build things from an idea. Computer science is the basis
for a lot of the things that college students and professionals will do for the next 20
or 30 years. I like programming because I like helping people. I get the opportunity
to build something that makes people’s lives easier. I think it’s the closest thing we
have to a super power. Getting started is the most important part. I’m a beginner myself,
and I want you to learn with me.

7 thoughts on “Computer Science Matters

  1. What's the model surname? I feel I saw her before. That aside these videos are always inspiring and saying IT is the closest thing we have to a superpower is spot on!

  2. Me too started when I was in 6th grade (11 Years old). It was using VISUAL BASIC as my first programming language that I have ever typed in my life. It's awesome. But now I think I'm developed much more than where I was. Now I'm programming from more than 6 different programming languages and have created my own Programming Language. And I'm now in the 9th Grade as the youngest programmer in my country. (14 Years Old now)

  3. Hi there, I'm sorry it's late I'm commenting this, but I've got a big problem, my family are not in my support as a programmer… I'm depressed
    Pls I'm gonna need a motivational video on this… In fact, my dad said he hates it… They always get one kind of bad feeling when I'm working on computer

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