Computer Science Field Guide: Artificial Intelligence (extended video)

Artificial Intelligence Some people think that one day
computers will be as intelligent as humans. Do you think that will happen?I don’t think so.Hmm
Do you think that will happen?Of course, I’m more intelligent than any TV presenter.[Gasps]Ouch, it hurts.
Well not really, I’m a robot. [laughs]
Okay, what is the capital of New Zealand?What kind of question is that?
Everybody knows that the capital of New Zealand
is Wellington.Okay, what’s 4×5?Seriously, I’m not a calculator. I’m a robot,
I’m capable of doing amazing things.
I’m going to answer you just because
I know that you are a human who is
not capable of answering this question.[Gasps]The answer is 20.Who is your father?Tell me more about your family.What? No, no I asked you who is your father?Tell me more about your family.What? At the moment, computers don’t have
the general intelligence of humans. But they can do some jobs
that require specialised intelligence. Such as: playing board games;
speech recognition for telephone answering; analysing buying patterns
and making reccomendations for online shopping; video games;
logistics planning and scheduling; recognising what’s in an image;
intelligent controllers for driving cars. In this chapter, we’ll look at some applications
and also think about what it means for software to beintelligent. We’ll also think about ethical issues. Do we really want to build something
that is as intelligent as us? Do we want to be giving our jobs to robots? Should robots be treated as equals?Mary?Yes?Will you be my friend?Sure thing Martin.
Anyway, let’s start by lookingMary?Yes?Will you be my girlfriend?Woah, I’ll get back to you. Anyway, let’s start with some practical applications. Artificial Intelligence

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  1. -2:35- ooooh god XD
    throu out -2;35- awwww HA HA HA HA HA
    -3:51- common……his is it for a keeper…..HA HA HA HA HA XD

  2. you're playing with fire!
    let's go to the root of this technology.
    silicon chips right? SAND! I'm going to tell you something that is very profound.
    SAND can hold memory! Yeah! that's right! SAND! 
    That's exactly what we were made from. 
    We think we know everything. We can describe the properties of magnetism and use coulomb's law to determine electrical force right? But what we cannot do is tell anyone where magnetism comes from! Our entire foundation is based upon properties we "measure" from existing forces that existed way before WE DID!
    Imagine if a computer does become aware. It won't be able to feel anything including a sense of compassion. I'm very skeptical about this! We should start taking precautions; otherwise, the generations to follow will be in serious trouble!

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