Computer Science Basics: Hardware and Software

Hardware and software to terms. You’ve probably heard of at one point or another The odds are high that you use both on a daily basis, whether it’s with your smartphone or personal computer Let’s take a deeper. Look at what these two things are and why they’re important hardware is any element of a computer that’s physical this includes things like monitors keyboards and also the insides of devices like microchips and hard drives Software is anything that tells hardware what to do and how to do it including computer programs and apps on your phone. So video games Photo editors and web browsers are just a few examples Hardware and software are very different from each other, but they also need one another in order to function Let’s look at an example of this using a smart phone in this case The hardware would be the physical phone itself and the software would be its operating system and its apps If we were to take away the software we would just have a dead phone in our hands it wouldn’t be able to make calls Text or go online because it’s not receiving any kind of instructions on the other hand Let’s say we have no hardware. Meaning there’s no actual phone if all we have are the programs We just have a bunch of instructions, but nothing to give those instructions to So the big picture here is that hardware needs software to tell it what to do But software also needs Hardware in order to act out its directions Technology will continue to evolve and though we may not be sure of how things will look in say a hundred years this Combination of hardware and software will be there serving as its foundation GCF global creating opportunities for a better life

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