Computer Network Tips : How to Use a Router to Connect 2 Computers to the Internet

Hi, I’m Jason, Mac genius, and today we’re
going to talk about how to connect two computers to a wireless router. We’re going to start,
first of all, with a wire connection. So, this cable is actually ethernet cable and
if you watch any of the other videos, you’re going to know this. RJ-45 connectors, that’s
a technical term. I’ll expect you to learn that. So, I’m going to go down and plug this
in to the back end of the wireless router. So, what we’re doing now, this is a hardline
connection. Then, up to here (plugs in). All right. And then we’re going to plug into our
PC like that. OK, so now you’ve got a wired connection. The other way you can connect
— and that’s one computer. We’re going to go to a second computer, a second laptop.
And we’re going to turn on the AirPort. Turn AirPort on. And then you’re going to see,
when this pops up, that we are going to choose “linksys”. And you should see this populate
here, a nice strong signal, which we have. So, there you have it. We’ve got a hardline
connection with one computer, a wireless connection with another. We’ve got three more ports,
so we could technically hardwire three more computers into this. And that’s pretty much
how you connect two computers to a wireless router. Thanks for watching. I’m Jason. Bye.

51 thoughts on “Computer Network Tips : How to Use a Router to Connect 2 Computers to the Internet

  1. Sorry i didn't quite understand what you want to do… actually moving things from one screen to another do not have anything to do with internet. just buy a VGA cable that fits both laptops … umm to get internet on both…simply do what this guy did … twice …

  2. I have a ADSL connection and I want to connect my PC and notebook in the same connection, I know that I should have a router, but how to configure a router .Can u tell me please??

  3. i only have 1 laptop and can u connect wirelessly using the router without connecting it to the computer???

  4. Leave it to the "Mac Genius" to make a video on how to use a router, by simply plugging in some ethernet cables…

  5. Soo yeah…he said pc

    Pc stands for PERSONAL COMPUTER is a mac a personal computer YES

    Pc is to mac as light is to brightness

  6. @computertastic You're kidding. Right? Anyone that has used a computer more than the 15 minute express internet at the library knows in common computer parlance PC refers to Windows & Mac refers to the better computer. Did you know that whales aren't really mammals? They're fish like you and me! Yes I know a Smart Phone is a computer Mr Newton.

  7. how can i connect the linksys to the pc but then use the wireless router to connect wirelessly through my laptop?

  8. i have 1 wireless laptop 1 harddrive connected enthernet and im tryin to connect them through my network but i dont know how to make my laptop the host of the network and i dont know to share thing over the internet

  9. @bigwang45feet everything you say is so dam stupid! LMFAO all mac's are atleast double a standard pc these days. And really "PC gaming"? LOL all about the consoles' big boy! LOL but yet you said I can't afford pc? mmm I have a macbook pro, macbook, HP lapto, and HP desktop woth 1TB HD, 6 gb RAM. Yup I sure cant afford a pc?!! And about the hacking part you said… I have a 2k bot-net, and proud member on HF.

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