Computer Engineering – UCSC Majors

welcome to UC Santa Cruz in the Baskin
school of engineering I’m Tracy Larrabee I’m a professor of computer science and
engineering and I’m also the associate dean of undergraduate affairs in the
School of Engineering Computer Engineering also known as CE has its
foundations in the fields of computer science and electrical engineering this
major will prepare you for a broad range of careers that require knowledge of
both computer hardware and computer software this major provides a great
deal of flexibility by giving students a broad foundation on which to build their
skills while still enabling the specialization in a number of
concentration areas such as computer networks robotics hardware systems and
software design CE majors can work in a variety of industries ranging from
healthcare to aerospace computer engineers design hardware and software
for the internet administrator networks they develop embedded systems with
microcontrollers design integrated circuits and build robots for varying
applications our school has resources for your many interests in engineering
with over 20 student organizations speaker series hackathons and research
talks we have an office of undergraduate affairs with peer and professional
advisers to help you with your path we’re looking forward to your joining
the Baskin school of engineering

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