Computer Basics: Setting Up a Desktop Computer

Are you having trouble setting up your computer?
Are you feeling… overwhelmed? Don’t worry – take a deep breath. You already have everything you need; you
just need to put it together. Today I’m going to show you – step by step – how to set up
a desktop computer. First, you’ll want to unpack everything from
the box, and remove any plastic covering or protective tape. Think about where you want
your workspace to go, and how you want the different components to be arranged. Now’s
the time to decide before you start plugging things in. Next, we’re going to connect the monitor.
If you have an all-in-one computer, where everything is built in (for example, an iMac),
you can skip this step. Otherwise, locate your monitor cable, which should look something
like this. It might be blue to make it easier to identify, or it might be a slightly different
shape; it just depends. Now find the monitor port on the back of your
computer case, and plug the cable in. Most cables are designed to fit a certain way,
so if it’s not working, don’t force it. Make sure you have the right one, then tighten
the screws to fix it in place. When you’re done, connect the other end to
your monitor. Now it’s time to plug in your keyboard and
mouse. For your keyboard, take a look at the cable. If it has a round PS/2 connector, plug
it into the purple port on the back of the case. If it has a USB connector instead, you
can use any of the ports you see here. The same goes for your mouse. If it has a
light-green PS/2 connector, use the color-coded port. If it has a USB, plug it in here. You
could also use the USB port on your keyboard (if your keyboard has one). If you have a wireless mouse or keyboard,
it’s going to work a little differently. Some connect using technology that’s built into
your computer; others need an adapter. You may want to read the instructions that came
with your wireless mouse or keyboard to find out how it works. At this point, you should plug in your speakers
or headphones if you have some you want to use. Just look for the audio port on the front
or back of your computer case. Many computers have color-coding here, too.
The green port is for speakers or headphones. The blue port is what we call the line-in, which
can be used with other types of devices. Some speakers, headphones, and microphones
have USB connectors instead of the usual audio plug. These can be plugged into any USB port. Finally, it’s time to connect the power supply
cables, and plug the computer in. Your computer should have come with two of
these. One goes with your monitor, and the other plugs into the back of your computer
case. Now plug both cables into a surge protector.
If you don’t have one, you can plug the cables directly into the wall. However, this is not
recommended. A power surge can damage your computer if it’s not plugged into a surge
protector. When you’re ready, plug the surge protector
into a regular outlet. If yours has a power switch, you may need to turn it on. That’s all there is to it! Pretty simple,
huh? It sure is. Now you can take a minute to make sure you’re happy with your workspace,
then turn your computer on.

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  1. This video was really easy and simple, I'm about to buy a gaming pc for my birthday in a few weeks, and if I didn't see this video, I would've ordered a monitor without a monitor cable 😂 I don't know much about computers so I rely on videos to help me, and that's exactly what I found, thanks again and keep up the good work 😀 you earned a new subscriber!

  2. how can I contact the actress in this video?

    shes awesome I just wanna tell her that, i love you Miss actress lady <3

  3. I have a big problem. I have not used a desk top for years. We fepend on phones and tablets. My sister give us a nice HP newer desk top, so i can begin teaching preschool to my two young grandbabies. But i have a problem, i have cable and internet via charter spectrum. ……WIFI,,.. I think it may work though because the cable box has places for something else. ….WHAT DO U THINK? Is there hope for us to hook up this thing when we have wireless intermet..i mean wifi? Im sorry. But i am not inclined in technology

  4. Getting a desktop for my birthday on decmeber 12th and I promote music with a audio spectrum, so I'll be using after effects to create my videos, thanks for the help 😉

    Edit: 1+ sub for u 😀

  5. Thanks! i set up my stuff, i already ordered my gaming pc and monitor and should arrive on November 27th, 2017, on a monday, i cant wait to play games! 😀

  6. Does this require another landline? Like I have a dell monitor and want a tower,if I plug everything in and all that will it work? Or would I have to buy another landline or something for internet

  7. We just moved & can’t remember how the computer was set up, thanks so much for taking the time to make this video. We are up and running thanks to your helpful instructions🌺🌺

  8. i did everything before watching the video but it didnot work then i watched this and its the same exact thing i did why cant my monitor connect to tower?

  9. this video is going to help me A LOT in my gaming set up GREAT JOB on the video loved it and I​ subbed too

  10. I’m a beginner with this stuff, so do we just need to have just one of the suggested cords plugged in (vga,hdmi,dvi,display port) or do we need other cords to plug in?

  11. My monitor does not have that cable. (Is it called DVI — the big one?) It is a new "gaming" monitor. Will it work on an ordinary recent-model Dell PC? The CPU does not seem to have a DisplayPort type of port. How to match these two things, please?

  12. im gonna buy a omen screen thingy the box thingy and a keyboard and mouse and headphones all together is 3billon dollars should i do it like if i should comment if i should not

  13. “It is this blue thing”
    Do not follow this step while building a gaming pc. Use the greyish black cord that looks like a smile. If that doesn’t work, try plugging it into the smiliar looking one.

  14. I am enjoying learning skills and enhancing the one I already know.  I'm thinking about upgrading my computer and tablets.

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