Computer Basics: Getting to Know Laptop Computers

If you’re thinking of buying a computer, you
may have wondered: Is a laptop right for me? Depending on how you plan to use it, the answer
may be “yes.” In this video, we’ll look at some of the ways that a laptop is different
from a desktop, to help you decide. The biggest difference is portability. Laptops
have to be small and light so that you can pick them up and take them with you. Since
all of the basic parts are built-in, setting up a laptop is as easy as opening it. The
downside is that the monitor is usually smaller than a desktop monitor, so you’ll have less
screen space. Another important difference is that laptops
use a battery. The battery can provide power to the laptop when you’re on the go, and it
will recharge whenever it’s plugged in. An added benefit of having a battery is that
if the power goes out, the battery can work as a backup power source.
Instead of a mouse, laptops usually have a built-in touchpad, also known as a trackpad.
You can control the pointer on the screen by using a drawing motion with your finger.
If you haven’t used a touchpad before, the experience is a little bit different from
using a mouse, and it may take a while to get used to.
If you’re buying a desktop computer, you can mix and match almost any monitor, keyboard,
and mouse that you want. With a laptop, you won’t have quite as much freedom, since everything
is built-in. However, if you want to have the best of both worlds, you can use your
laptop’s ports to connect a separate monitor, keyboard, and mouse — basically turning your
laptop into a desktop. And of course, whenever you want to, you can simply disconnect everything
and take your laptop with you. As you can see, there are some important differences
between laptops and desktops. So depending on your preferences, you can decide which
one best suits your needs.

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  2. Hey I just have so many problems
    1. after so many trials I can't log in to my Google account…
    I have done everything but
    2. I forgot my laptops log in password ……
    Can someone help me
    ( lenovo + mozrilla )

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