CompuMatter Servers – Remote Quickbooks Access – Windows Client

in this short video we’re going to
demonstrate how you can log in via remote desktop to your new CompuMatter
server using Windows remote desktop the procedure is the same whether you’re
using Windows 7 Windows 10 or Windows 8 you select the start button in the lower
left hand corner which will expose a text field in that field we’d like you
to type the word remote that will in turn expose the icon for remote desktop
within that Start menu go ahead and select that to start the process okay
now you’re going to have a computer field here we need you to type in the
server IP address provided to you by your server administrator it’s going to
be you know something something dot something dot something dot something
and so on and then click the connect button once you click the connect
you’re going to be asked for your credentials you’ll type in your username
but most importantly you need to get the word domain matter with a slash before
your username that will make us need to verify you’re part of the servers domain
and then of course your password as provided by your server administrator
and to make things a little bit easier make sure you hit the Remember Me button
so you don’t have to go through this step the next time and click OK
service certificate comes up next now not everybody is going to see this but
if it does come up you have to click yes in order to be able to proceed after
that last click your Windows desktop environment should quickly become
visible the version of Windows that you see is wholly dependent upon the version
your company has chosen for your CompuMatter Server in this case the client has chosen Windows 7 but your company may have chosen something different a
couple of things to note here first each remote user gets their own private
desktop computer whatever files folders browser favorites notes that you create
are only visible by you unless of course your server administrator or you want to
override this behavior the way Compu matter servers work is unique no desktop
computers are required by the client this Windows desktop that you are
looking at is actually created on the fly it’s a virtual machine or parasite
within the company’s CompuMatter Server the owner of this server simply allows
certain users such as yourself to access this and the rest is as easy as what
you’ve just experienced in addition each day whatever you do is backed up safely
two different ways the first way we back up each Windows desktop to the server’s
internal backup drives which are saved on your location on the clients location
the second way is we encrypt and send that same data to off-site data centers
so anything you do is recoverable no matter what happens this means whether
you forget to backup your QuickBooks data or not ultimately doesn’t matter
because we’ve got your back your CompuMatter Server is backing it up twice
a day every day thanks for watching we hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial bye

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