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Hello, I’m Calm, Welcome to another video, I’ve had a slight break as I have had a recent problem with the recent Windows 10 update the Windows 10 download also I’ve
downloaded destiny 2 which was free so I’ve been playing that quite a lot to be
honest there was a few problems with destiny 2 which I’ve managed to
overcome so I might do a video on that in the future I’m not sure, right now I
want to speak to you about three builds three budget builds, three complete
budget builds, we have a lot of people building on YouTube and the ones I’ve
watched never seem to advise on whole builds just the basic components of the
PC they don’t give us an inkling of what else to look for, leaving us with ok… I’ve
built a PC how about monitor, keyboard mouse, Wi-Fi, more storage, upgrades? Well, in this video I want to talk about all of these things I have built one of
these systems with and for my son. I have captured all this information so I might
do a couple of videos or possibly one complete long…. video showing you how to
build a PC for yourself. I will follow up with further videos to show you software
installation and suchlike so don’t forget to Like and subscribe and hit
that Bell notification, if you want to follow me in doing so, so you can do this
for yourself I do generally go into a lot of detail
so if you’re unsure of what goes where in this case I think this will be a
bonus! Even if the video may be long links to all these three builds are
below in the description they are my affiliate links which takes
you to my Amazon page using these links means I’ll get a small commission if you
decide to buy after using them. You do not get charged any extra for using
these however this will help and inspire me to continue to put these types of
videos out there information videos for you to make your own winds up. Let’s get
to it then! So if we follow the mainstream and just talking a basic PC, this first
budget build can be built for under £340 as some people keep their PCs
downstairs near to their internet connection so will just plug into their
router now I need for Wi-Fi some people have their pcs upstairs so instead of
installing cables and things you can access your broadband by adding a Wi-Fi
card if you add the Wi-Fi card this price of the basic build is just
under £370. if you want the budget “A” PC including
monitor keyboard mouse that I’ve recommended the price is around £480 add the Wi-Fi and it’s just over £510,
not bad for a current system however if you are willing to have a slightly
smaller monitor keep watching as if you choose this the price will be under £500
complete, I will get to this later, I do encourage you though to carry
on watching the whole video as slight changes here and there can improve this
build considerably, all right let’s talk CPU the brain of the computer for
build “A” I’ve chosen the Ryzen 3 2200G it has integrated graphics which means
he has inbuilt graphics inside the chip so you do not need a separate graphics
card it’s got Vega 8 graphics to be precise
the CPU runs at 3.5 GHz base and goes on up to speeds
of 3.7 GHz, the higher the speed the faster it processes information it
has four cores and four threads the more cores and threads of CPU has the more
processes it can do at the same time just remember though cores are more
important than threads, threads act like artificial cores better to have though
than not, the price difference between build a and B is around £42 the
only change I have made to this build is an upgrade to the CPU to the Ryzen 5 2400G, it has vega 11 graphics which is an upgrade to the Ryzen 3’s “8” – higher is
better in this case, the Ryzen 5 2400G also has four cores and eight threads
which is four extra threads, more processing power it also operates at
higher speeds 3.6 Ghz to 3.9 Ghz for the sake of £40 pounds or 40 odd pounds I think it’s worth the upgrade especially
if you want to play more demanding games my son likes to play overwatch, Dota2,
Skyrim the Ryzen 3 build will do all of these fine but the Ryzen 5 build will
do it a lot better and more demanding games too, if you want a great budget 1080p gaming PC then keep watching before we get into that though
let’s talk about the basic components within these two builds besides the CPU
motherboard key fact using these two CPUs and the integrated graphics through
this motherboard the speed is limited to outputting to the monitor to 60 Hz
the resolution is lower through the DVI port so connect to the
monitor with the HDMI cable for the best performance buying a quick refresh rate
monitor is nice but it be limited to these speeds through this motherboard
regardless of what money you spend you could buy a 60 Hz monitor to
bring the cost down but to be honest this Benq GL2580H has a great
response time has built-in speakers has a good refresh rate of 83 kilohertz which
is what it’s Listed as anyway has a 4 star rating and for £117 seems a
steal for good 1080p gaming if you are thinking of upgrading later on this
little bit extra now with the speed of the monitor is worth investing in
however keep watching for another even better recommendation as I’ve found a
monitor that will work even better with this system for not much more this
motherboard is micro ATX form factor it has 4 Ram slots so if you want to buy 2
4 GB sticks now like I have you can add another 2 later on if you want
to upgrade to 16 it’s a growth option that other motherboards with just two
Ram slots won’t be able to give you if you wanted to increase from 8 to 16 with
the 2 slot board you would have to buy a separate 2 X 8GB kit this
motherboard has two PCIe x 16 slots the top one is the quickest this is the best
one if you’re going to install a graphics card if you want to install one
it also has one single PCIe slot in between these two which I am going to
use to install a Wi-Fi card it also has an M.2 port which is NVMe compatible
I’m going to make use of this because I’ve got an MX500 M.2 which I bought
previously check out one of my previous videos and a comparison of the
MX500 M.2 format and the Sata format The motherboard has various USB ports accessed at the back and the sound this motherboard kicks out is
pretty good it sounds OK on my sons speakers. You’ll find it really hard to find another case of this build quality for this price I paid £36, if you know of a
similar case at a similar price please let me know in the comment section below it
has one USB to one USB 3 port mic earphone socket power reset button and power LED on the front panel it also has interchangeable decor in two
places on the front there too – you have the choice of swapping these out from red to
either black or white the case is coated on the inside so
looks quality it doesn’t look or feel cheap it also has two drive cages for
hard drives and you can mount your SSD on the top of this just remember if
you’re going to use the drive cages for 2.5 inch drives then you must
buy a special mounting kit for this there’s a viewing window on the side of
the case so you can see all the internal parts so make sure you have tidy cables
once you’ve finished your build if you want to add a bit of lighting you can
the motherboard does support the RGB strips the motherboard itself only
illuminates in one small part so you might want to choose a different
motherboard if you’re going for that RGB look I’m not really into our GB that’s a
decision for you it comes with a rear fan and you have the opportunity
installing two further 120 millimeter fans at the front or RGB ones if you wish
there’s room for a thin radiator but we’re not going down that route for a
budget build. Ram, 8GB good brand decent speed for the price for a budget
build this is enough I wouldn’t go any lower than 8GB though and to be
honest I prefer 16 if I was gaming as mentioned before at least with this
motherboard you have the option to add another two 4 GB sticks when buying ram
check the motherboard site for a list of compatible ram kits
these would have already been tested with the motherboard not all kits run
well on all boards particularly with the new Ryzen CPU’s.
Power supply, for a budget bill this is a good make nice price for performance 80
plus certified it has more power than we need right now but we can use this down
the line for upgrades for adding more storage graphics card perhaps all the
cables are already attached to the PSU or power supply unit you can’t take
these off the leads are clearly marked but have multicolored sleeves and do not
cover right to the end on some of the connectors why they are not fully
covered in black sleeves is a mystery but the end of the day these are
cosmetic issues and do not affect the performance which is what is important.
Storage.. chose an SSD for this – Kingston 240GB and it’s under £30, which is a great price in general there’s a huge performance increase with an SSD
compared to a traditional hard disk drive because there’s no moving parts
it’s a lot quicker there are a lot of SSDs on the market to choose from there
is also a large amount of crap that’s out there too so choose wisely when
shopping look at the reviews and the comparison tables
I’ve heard of some SSDs that have dodgy firmware on them which tricks your
operating system to see larger volume sizes than what they actually are and
you will only realize this once you’ve exceeded the volume size and this is
usually after the return window is closed in 2019 I would not have anything
else other than an SSD to install and run windows on you could choose to go
with a small 120 gigabyte drive but due to the minor price difference between
them and the fact that you get double the space I wouldn’t if you are just
looking to go with build “A” – just for web surfing then the small 120 gigabyte
Drive would make more sense but as I said for the small price difference and
twice the storage space I wouldn’t if you have a large games library consider
buying a hard disk drive to put your games on this is what I have done with
my system I will get to this later on but for
I would not buy a hard disk drive and install and run windows on it, there is
such a great performance boost to your PC running Windows on an SSD – trust me! Right! The monitor we’ve briefly touched on this already but Benq is a great make
it’s a perfect size one millisecond response time HD display or 1080p
inbuilt speakers listed at running 83 kilohertz
as mentioned previously as well if you are using the output from the
motherboard this will be limited to 60 Hz but still good to have that
little bit of room especially if you’re thinking of upgrading down the line with a
dedicated graphics card I do have two other recommendations for monitors for
you to consider so keep watching! Keyboard & mouse right not really heard of
this make before but the features on this board seem fantastic for the price
and the mouse is 3200 dpi bargain for this price and RGB on both if you’re
looking into that you RGB fans this combo pack has four star rating my son
seems to like using them so the response time must be good otherwise he’d be
moaning about it time will tell regarding durability though they seem
light but well-made and they’re well packaged for those of you who like your
keyboard of that mechanical feel I’ve listed an alternative keyboard and mouse
combination which is slightly cheaper the mouse is a little less sensitive but
this pack does have a four and a half star rating so up to you to decide just
remember the mechanical types are a lot louder than normal though! – They are! Wi-Fi it’s not
standard on all motherboards usually it is on the more expensive boards so you need to
check when you’re purchasing your motherboard whether it’s got Wi-Fi or
not or whether you actually need it I’ve purchased this Wi-Fi card as it stood
out from the rest because it’s the same manufacturer as the motherboard I
thought same make less issues right correct
my Router is in one corner of the house and my son’s PC is in the opposite
corner upstairs and the connection between my Router and my son’s computer
is fantastic the PC couldn’t be further away unless I put my son in the shed….. the
card supports 802 11 A-C which is the industry standard of what we need it has
Bluetooth too if you want that, it also has a cute little aerial that’s magnetized
which is useful because it sticks on top and stays there build three and
alternatives the 3rd build is based around 1080p
gaming with smoother performance to achieve this we need to get away from
the integrated graphics therefore I’ve swapped the cpu out for the Ryzen 5 2600
– it has six cores and twelve threads which is two more cores and four more
threads than build B it runs at 3.4 to 3.9 GHz which is a similar speed
to build B but it’s doing this on all those extra cores and threads the
graphics card I’ve chosen is the rx580 the 8GB version which is a
good all-rounder price for performance wise it will work great with the CPU at
1080p gaming and give you high detail for most current games I’ve also
increased the RAM size to 16 gigabytes this puts the price of the PC to around
660 or 690 if you wish to add the Wi-Fi I also suggest that you purchase a
hard disk drive to put your games on I recommend this 2 terabyte drive for 50
pounds it runs at 7200 rpm and is a good brand I have the 3 terabyte version in
my current system if you want the full build including the Wi-Fi it will be
around eight hundred and eighty pound I do suggest an alternative monitor for
the sake of another seven or eight pound it cannot be ignored this other monitor has very similar features one millisecond response time speakers etc
but the most important thing is that he includes free sync which means that the
monitor and graphics card are synchronized for smoother gameplay
and performance this little price difference I think it’s worth it it
would be the option that I would go for anyway it also has a USB port and has a
four and a half star rating I also discovered that they did exact same
monitor for a slightly smaller size 22 inch you could save yourself about
twenty-seven pounds I wouldn’t do this if I was going for the gaming system but
for build “A” it would be something to consider so if you did do this with the
build “A” this would bring this price for the full build under 500 pounds
complete build B would be around five hundred and thirty pounds complete with
the smaller monitor yeah all in! PC, monitor keyboard mouse personally i
would go with a larger iiyama? 24 and a half inch those two and a half inches
make a difference oh I almost forgot Windows 10 Pro I will leave a link in
the description for another youtubers video where he goes through the purchase
of a OEM license this youtuber himself is a good find he runs his own PC
business as well as his own channel with tons of videos over 200,000 subscribers
but most importantly I find him trustworthy if you want to wait I am
going to buy a license for my son’s build B PC build so I will do a video on
that soon I wanted to the build video first and then software and installation
later on so I have to be after this I do hope you found this video helpful don’t
forget the links if you’re thinking of buying or just want to check out the
different builds if you did find this video helpful or interesting show your
appreciation by hitting the like button leave a comment below with any
suggestions you may have don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell
I do have other things to offer if you know of someone new to computers point
them in my direction I have a few learning videos for people new to the
scene if you can please share this video thanks for watching I’m Calm (Cal-M)
signing off have good morning afternoon or good evening farewell till next time
see you later….. (pulls face, as found it hard to remain serious all the way through!)

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  1. As stated through the video – please watch the whole video for tips regarding your build before purchasing – I have also put details in the description to an alternative 16GB (2 x 8GB) kit which if you are considering purchasing a Build C or similar could save you another £20-£30.
    Remember these are budget builds but current budget builds latest generation of CPU's from AMD.

  2. Hi, just come to this video in response to your answer via the Amazon F&Q section on the gigabyte WiFi/Bluetooth 5.0 card.
    I might subscribe later, if you can sub me back, please.

  3. Found your videos by reading your review on a gigabyte motherboard. Im thinking about going ryzen 5 2600. Im buying a part a month so motherboard will be first.

  4. The best thing about this budget build is the upgradability. Now the third Gen Ryzen CPUs are out you can use this motherboard with a bios update to upgrade to Ryzen 5 3600 and add a discrete graphics card for proper gaming performance. You can also easily just add more RAM due to having four slots. Anyone with a second gen Ryzen, upgrade your BIOS to support the latest processors. Then you can sell your 2200g to recoup a bit of cash.

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