Compact Camera vs Smartphone | This might surprise you!

– So I’m about to find
out whether the days of compact cameras,
point-and-click shooters, are dead thanks to phones like
this, the Huawei P20 Pro, which has three lenses inside. Are these phones making
point-and-click cameras obsolete? We’re about to find out. (chill music) So here’s the first photo
taken on the P20 Pro of Old Town in Dubrovnik
that some of you might know as King’s Landing in Game of Thrones. And as you can see,
it’s a really nice photo and the AI on the P20 is
actually enhancing that blue. When I took that photo,
it recognized blue skies so you’re seeing a slightly
modified picture here and if we zoom in on the same picture, you can see the amount of detail it was actually picking
up on those rooftops. You can even see people in the street on the lefthand side of the picture. I’m really impressed with this
first photo taken on the P20. Now here’s the same photo
taken from the same spot at the same time on the RX100 mark VI. Now this isn’t adding any
artificial colors onto it and you can see it’s a
much more natural picture and if we zoom in, you can see the details are just crazy in this picture. Much more true to life
image in my opinion, but I must say, it’s pretty close. Now here’s another photo
taken in King’s Landing, and you can see here, both
photos really, really nice. The P20 looks like something
you would see on Instagram and that’s thanks to the AI feature adding in more color again. On the right with the RX100, you see a much more natural
picture but the biggest difference here is when you zoom in and you can see the level of detail that the P20 isn’t picking up. And the RX100 is just
doing an amazing job here and that is because of
the larger image sensor and I know that, and I know
it’s not a fair comparison, but what I really want
to see in this video is are smartphones actually
gettin’ closer to cameras like this and you can see here
in this aspect, not so much. But anyway, let’s move on to the next one. So here’s a photo taken from
the walls of King’s Landing and the sun was gettin’ real low, guys, and just keep that in mind before you leave a horrible comment, but anyway, the P20 Pro
again with the AI feature recognizes it’s a sunset,
it actually popped up on the screen and you can
see what it’s doing here, it’s really enhancing that
orange color across this photo. Really nice, this would do
really well on Instagram. And then if you look at the
same photo taken on the RX100, it’s a much more natural picture. No filters on there at all. That is actually how I remember it. It’s a colder picture, but
there’s so much more detail in this photo and let me
know what you guys think. Which photo do you like better, the natural kind of feel or do you like that artificial kind of
enhanced feeling in the photo? Both are really good in my opinion, but I think the RX100
did a lot better here. So my plan after taking these two photos was to head over to some of
the other Game of Thrones stuff like the House of the
Undying and the Mud Gate, but unfortunately, I didn’t make it. Right, so I apologize for
this little intermission. Unfortunately, I got
kicked off the Great Walls in the Old City because
I stopped to get a beer to watch the sun get
real low and I apologize, don’t get too angry, guys, unfortunately I didn’t get to see the
House of the Undying. I did try to get some photos
of the Mud Gate for you guys, but it was so damn crowded, it was like near enough impossible and then there was a fortress on the other side as well, which I got some shots from
the restaurant opposite, but that was also closed by the time I got kicked off the wall
so I really apologize. But anyway, enough of the intermission. Let me know what you
think of the two cameras. I fully expect the RX to be better, but how close is the P20 and is it even better in some aspects? Let me know in the comments below. If you’re enjoying this so far, make sure you hit a thumbs up, subscribe. Anyway, let’s carry on. So the P20 Pro gets glowing reviews for its lowlight photography
so I took a couple shots from the same spot that I
did earlier on in the video and you can see here,
this is the Old Town, King’s Landing at night and I must admit, the lights seem to be blowing out the whites on the photo quite a lot. There’s quite a lot of blaring
going on in this picture and if you look at the
same one on the RX100, it’s definitely handling
the light a lot better. If we look at it side-by-side,
you can see what I mean in the level of detail you’re
gettin’ there on the RX100, but from a distance, the
P20 photo does look alright and the P20 does have a night mode, but it requires you to keep
the camera really, really still and it’s basically impossible
to do with you hands unless you’ve got a tripod there, maybe I could have used the night mode. But at this point, I’m
just using the auto mode on both the phone and the camera. So here’s a photo I
took in a really, really bright lighting condition of the UE Blast, which was my speaker
of choice this holiday, and you can see there, taken on the P20. Does a pretty good job. The brightness is taking some
of the color out of the blue in the speaker, the rocks
have a lot of detail in there, background is quite
blurry, and if you look at the same photo on the
RX100, a much brighter picture. The AI on the P20 seemed to
be adding a bit more orange into the rocks and you
can see that especially when you put them side by side. One thing I’ll say about this photo, if I were to put both
of these on Instagram, the P20 might actually win this one, but in terms of detail, RX100
for me is doing better here. So this is a camera zoom test using the zoom feature on the RX100 and as you can see, when it zooms in, it’s really, really smooth and steady and it takes a second
or so just to focus in, but it’s really focusing in on the casing and not so much the headphones here. By the way, these headphones are awesome and I’m gonna be touting a review soon. Here’s the same test
with the P20 zoom feature and you can see it’s much
more jerky as it zooms in, but what really surprised me here is once it zoomed in, it actually got a really nice focus on
the headphones themselves. I’m really impressed with that, actually. Let me know what you guys think. And here’s another photo taken on the P20. Again, it recognized the blue sky so you’re seein’ that punchy
blue color in this photo. Really great detail on this one as well and pay attention to the clouds right there at the back
above the mountains and the same photo shot on the RX100. Same thing again, you’re
gettin’ a much more true-to-life photo with the RX100 and again, if we look back at the clouds that I mentioned earlier,
you can see there’s so much more detail there in the sky
in comparison to the P20, but both did a fantastic
job in my opinion. And here’s the same photo taken at night and again, the AI features
on the P20 recognized it was a night shot, it didn’t
use that longer exposure feature, the night mode,
’cause I didn’t have a tripod. It’s just using the auto mode, but it did a good job there. There’s a bit of blurring
around the street on the left hand side of the photo. If you look at the same
photo on the RX100, you’ve got again so much
more detail, much more true to life, and just
generally a brighter photograph. And here’s another low light
shot that I took in Old Town. I think this might have been used in Game of Thrones for
the Flea Bottom scenes. And I used auto mode
again on both of these. The P20 photograph did pretty good, but look how much more
detail is on the walls on the left and right on the RX100. And I have to say, the RX100 does a million times better here. Just look at the steps and the detail on the concrete on the floor. It just blows it out of the
water in this particular test. Alright, so sun’s gettin’ real low, guys, and I know I’m comparing
a really, really awesome compact camera to a smartphone, and it’s not fair really, but anyway it’s time for the sound
test so let’s do this. (bottles clinking) Warriors, come out to play. It’s not working. Oh shit! – Warriors. Come out to play. (wind blowing) – Camera focus test. Let’s see which one of these can focus in on the beer quickest. So in this test, I’m quite surprised that the P20 at the same
distance from the glass as the RX100 just could not
focus on the beer at all. So here’s a panoramic photo
that I took and actually, for some reason, the RX100
just stopped shooting. I didn’t do anything, I
didn’t touch any buttons. It just stopped and you can
see the difference here. Both photos are really good. When you’re kind of
making these panoramic, you’re kinda gonna lose a
little bit of detail anyway so I must say, I think
maybe the P20 wins this one. Maybe that’s just down to my
amateur photography skills. I don’t know. A little bit of a glitch there, Sony. Maybe it’s something you want to look into if you’re watching this video. So here’s another photo
taken in the evening at King’s Landing and you can
see it’s a really nice photo. If you put this on Instagram,
it’d do really well. The AI again is kicking in
and it’s enhancing those kind of oranges and blues in the photo. The people in the foreground
and on the ground, you can’t see that much detail in them, especially when you
compare it to the RX100. You can actually see
all those people there and the colors of their
clothing really clearly. It’s not enhancing the
photo with blues and oranges so you’re gettin’ a much
more true-to-life colors on the brickwork and in the sky as well. If we put them side by side,
you’ll see what I mean there. And if we zoom into
that tower in the back, you can see the difference
in the level of detail, but if it came to an Instagram photo, which one do you think
would get more likes? Let me know in the comments below. So I know this test is really unfair since the Sony uses the primary
camera as the selfie camera. Because of the adjustable screen on it, I can flip it all the way
around os you’re getting that primary camera on the RX100 versus the selfie cam on the P20. Completely unfair, I know,
but if you wanna take a selfie with that sort of beauty
effect that the P20 has, maybe it’s gonna show
you in a better light and you can see the difference here. There’s a much more true
to life photo on the right. I look really sweaty
because it was so damn hot and then on the left,
you don’t see it so much and I look like I got a better tan, too. So maybe for this type of photography, phones are really better
than compact cameras. I know that’s quite a
controversial statement, but let me know what you guys think. I know I could add filters
onto the RX photo later, but some people just can’t
be bothered to do that. So here’s the last photo
that I took for you guys. This one on the P20 Pro
recognizing it’s a sunset and again, adding in those oranges, but the detail on the sea looks
really, really good as well. Good detail in the sky,
really nice gradient of colors back there in the sky. Same photo on the RX100. Just a natural picture,
really, really nice picture. Yes, you could put this in Adobe Lightroom and make it look the same as the P20, but generally speaking, far more detail, far more true to life,
and a great photo overall. So that’s it for this camera shoot-out between the world’s finest
at the moment compact camera and the first ever triple
camera smartphone, the P20 Pro. So what do you guys think? Does the P20 Pro even come close to a camera like the RX100? Maybe the ease of use and
the automatic filters and AI just make it an easier camera to you, or do you prefer the quality
and the detail you get from the RX100, which
is a standalone camera. It doesn’t do anything else
other than video and photo. I’d love to know what you
guys think and your opinions. Are compact cameras soon to be extinct? I’ve left a little poll above this video so you can actually choose which one won and I just want to say
thank you to you guys for watching this video and hopefully you’ve just subscribed which means you’re now one of the finest
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