Hi it’s Leo from the TechMaker channel
and today we will understand how works a technology that starts to
to appear a little everywhere: the flexible screens! And yes we have heard about it for months
and months, especially with the Samsung Galaxy F, who by the way was called before the Galaxy X and who should arrive
soon, which is also a phone that has the peculiarity of being folded! Good and of course, Samsung did not invent anything
because as always it’s Apple that has been the first on innovation, first of all
with the iPhone 6 in 2015 that was bending in your pocket! And do not tell me it was
an unexpected because Apple knew very well that his phone was bending even before the
put on sale, which has been confirmed 3 years later by revealing internal documents elsewhere. Come on, I’ll stop troll … In reality
Foldable phone technology does not date not this year; we FINALLY find
patent filed around the foldable phone whether it’s from Samsung, Huawei,
LG and so on, but few presentations to the general public … There has certainly been a
in 2016 with Lenovo’s tablet, but it was a prototype not at all finished, unlike
to the product presented this year to Consumer Electronics Show of Las Vegas, which is the biggest High Tech show of the year. And finally the first one that can really be tested by the public, and which will be put on sale first, does not come from Samsung, but from a not-well-known brand named Royole, so it’s at CES 2019 that the FlexPai has been shown. So yes, it’s not the most interesting phone on the market, but they really bet on taking out the phone as soon as possible so that we talk about them, and so yeah, it is clearly not very good but at least we talk about them, so it’s finally a good move level communication, as it was a totally unknown brand that finds itself a little bit in the spotlight. The latter costs the sweet price of 1250 € in its lowest version and 1820 € for
the highest, with a Snapdragon 855 inside, which are the newest
Qualcomm high end products as well as a 5G compatibility. You know this famous
new standard that everyone is talking about but we will not see for a while
! Besides, I hesitate to make one video but I feel like I’m going
speak for the blow of a technology that we will not see for a few years …
We also find usual components of a smartphone of this style, like a big
3800 mAh battery, a double slot sim or two digital cameras
of 16 and 20 megapixels on which I do not would not extend to me because unfortunately we find very little information about it, but I do not do not think the quality is crazy.
And all this on an Android 9 modified enough original named Water OS. I would have it
well presented in more depth by holding it in the hand but unfortunately I’m
a little bit away from CES right now … Baaaah, head next year! Yes I know,
I say that every year … Already, as you can see, must stop
the fantasy of the sheet of paper; this last can only bend in two! It’s already
not bad you’ll tell me, but that’s a point important that will show us some
constraint that we will talk about later … Once folded, the screen goes from 7.8
inches with a ratio of 4/3 to 4 inches, this times with two different ratios: 16/9
and 18/9. But for this slab to be twisted,
what voodoo magic is used? well that of the OLED! So no, do not start
not to take your OnePlus 6 and put knee in to fold it in half,
already because of a very weird of do that and everyone risks you
judge very hard, but two because it is not enough not having an OLED screen so your
phone be foldable! And I’m talking to you the phone but even if you demontiez
the screen in order to try to bend it in outside the phone, well, you’ll get there,
but surely not without damage! Already thanks to this famous slab, each
pixel is independent and this allows to have better colors, especially in
dark colors with among other things a display perfect black, since the leds that make up
the pixels can simply be turned off. And yes because where a conventional LCD
will rely on the ability of liquid crystals to finally prevent backlight light
to go out on the other side of the screen, which leads to the display of a gray
getting as close to black as possible there is always a little light that ends
to cross, here the OLED turns off the pixels who are supposed to be, and so that’s
exactly the same feeling as if the screen was off. You can do the test
at home if you have both types : to display a wallpaper composed
only black and you will see that the difference is blatant!
Besides, little tips I already had spoken in another video but put
a black wallpaper on a smartphone OLED it can win a little battery
! And yes since the leds composing the pixels are extinct, they do not consume
drums ! While on an LCD, even in displaying a black screen, the backlight
remains powered … If you wish in know moreover about each type of screen, I made a video about it there is trèèèès long time; good some elements may not be up to date today but the body of the video is still relevant, so you can
go see her by clicking on the little i in top right of the screen. But above all, the first big difference
here with the phones that we normally find on the market, and who has this kind of screen,
is that there is no glass part, but is rather done entirely or almost
of plastic! So goodbye to Gorilla Glass, but it’s better than ending up with
a tip of the phone planted in the thumb after having amused himself by folding it in two. The second big difference that is possible in view of the absence of glass is a hinge
is placed on the phone to allow this famous fold in two (and therefore invalid
unlimited folding), hinge placed in function of where the components are also located
the phone; because yes we can very well fold the screen, see even a little battery
in some cases if it has been studied for, but it’s still not the case for most
components, and if you fold in half a electronic board or processor it goes
moderately kiffer … Okay ok today we can very well realize electronic cards
flexible, but our dear snapdragon is him not yet foldable !! This hinge
is also quite visible on the Royole and is very toy unfortunately … But
on other models she seems to be a little more discreet, so to see what
it will be worth .. But we must not forget
that this is the first generation products for the general public, and I do not
not doubt that this technology is going little little change and that the defects of the products
presented here will gradually disappear! Finally, there are different sensors for
the phone understands that the latter is coming to be folded, and to display content
only on one part of the screen, otherwise hello galley to navigate on the smartphone
with a huge fold in! And then you imagine, with your fingers touching the screen
behind the phone, it’ll launch candy crush without doing it on purpose, and everyone
will see your dubious tastes when it comes to gambling mobile … Again you will have launched Fortnite, I say no, but … candy crush it’s starting to be a bit old. But hey, thanks to these famous sensors and changes to Android, the
phone will adapt so depending of how you folded it and how
you are holding it, since the display is going to make the side where it is visible, which
allows to have either an 18/9 screen or a 16/9 screen on this famous FlexPai, feature
which is still interesting compared the content we want to see, whether it be
suited to one or the other, or even 4/3 since we forget it quickly but
the phone is also made to be totally unfolded! It is also possible
to use the side that becomes curved, by the way when folded and having
specific functions, like a famous phone from Samsung. What, you start
to say that there is a little copy in the air? Pfeuh, anything … But then, once all that explained, he
what is this flexpai worth? Beeeeh is a first foldable smartphone model …
So you already have the answer. Ergonomics is not folichonne, the fold is not
not very aesthetic and the latter to a very rough look when in
two. Beside that he is more and more complicated to use it in a straight way
like a tablet because it will remind of every fold you made him, what we
really feels like having an iPhone 6 in the end when using at full
potential.. So NORMALLY the phone can support
up to 200,000 folds, but all the same, the wear is felt with each use,
and on every video we can see from CES, it looks like the phone is begging
people stop to hurt him with his back all curved.
And then, it’s still a phone that approaches the 2000 balls in his best
configuration, it must clearly not forget … I want the technology to be new
and blah and blah and blah, but maybe we should not to abuse … Must be rational and ask
if this price increase is really worth being able to fold your phone into
two. As we have just seen, this FlexPai of the
Chinese firm is ultimately not ultra interesting … for a lambda person anyway. same
if I think you do not need that I tell you so that you can account for it; already because the operating system is not ultra optimized since all that has been done without
Google help. Because yes I have not talked about earlier but this famous “Water OS”
is an operating system that Royole developed to operate his
foldable screen since it is absolutely not supported natively by Android at the moment. So the effort is commendable but the engineers at Royole are not the same as those at Google, and therefore a native support integration foldable screens will be already much more
interesting in terms of ergonomics, integration which is already planned by the firm elsewhere. That’s why we must follow closely
the Samsung Galaxy F! Even if we are on a product from Samsung that has the annoying
tendency to create overlays in all the senses … So it’s a safe bet that
Google will have nothing to do with integration of the foldable screen there either … But
all the same I think the ergonomics of the latter will be much more interesting than Royole’s phone. Even if it’s good … We’re staying on a price that should to be around 1500 € what is left
Exorbitant … We are very far from technology accessible and it reminds me of a certain
virtual reality helmet market in its beginnings and its helmets with 1000 balls ….
And you know very well what he has gone because of that. With time, this technology is going to be
increasingly mastered, already to be able to to bend it even more, there are already some
rumors of tablets that can fold in 3, as one of Xiaomi not yet possessing
by name currently. Well, it’s a groooossse rumor but on the video leak is still very very well done so we can hope that that’s true!
Ultimate evolution would ultimately be to be able to fold your phone as we would
seems like it’s a simple sheet of paper, and to be able to make origamis
little dog with our phone who will cost us 4000 bales the time it
so in view of the evolution of the price of these little jewels. To see if there is really
a utility to make a paper plane, but on the other hand it can be interesting
to use his smartphone as a bracelet for example, or so allow us to have a screen
giant when you need it! The possibilities are very big if the technology comes
to perform this feat of folding what he there is also inside the beast, so
I think we still have to keep a look on it, even if yes, today,
I agree, it’s not technology the most hypante of the moment because the last point
also to improve is of course the price. Whether it is Royole or Samsung, models will do
ovens because of this delirious price … As usual it will interest a niche,
but it will remain a niche and it risks block a little the evolution of technology, if there are very few users, there are very few people who develop on it, so there are very few changes, etc, etc … You know this vicious circle . Again a little like virtual reality where brands often try
to leave the ship, as if it were a cursed market. And you? Do you find that
useful anyway? Whether in his current state with a single fold, or in a future improvement allowing more flexibility or finally not at all, and will it ever be useful? Well do not hesitate to tell me all this on the card that just appeared top right and of course to argue in the comments just below! Personally I find it not necessarily useful as it is … Nevertheless this can
to be ULTRA interesting in the optics to have only one device on
self that could serve as both phone, tablet and computer! But OK…
It will not be until a looong moment before having a phone allowing as much flexibility
without losing ergonomics … Already because generally runs on an OS of
phone which is therefore more limited, we can for example talk about the Ipad Pro which
despite its very nice sides in term of operation remains a device that runs on iOS
and not macOS, but especially because it’s risky to make the builders want us
charge the phone, the tablet, as well than the PC at the same time, and therefore sell stuff to more than 10000 bullets In any case I hope this video you
will have pleased! If this is the case do not forget as usual the blue thumb of love, and come follow me on Twitter & Instagram! Do not hesitate to share this
video a maximum for your friends to avoid to fold their smartphone thinking they
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